12 March 2015

Feminism has a crucial role to play in modern life, but I sometimes wish it would leave our fairy tales alone. The results of its revisionist meddling are too often unconvincing and unsatisfying.

Remember last year’s ...

Book cover
01 June 2023

My late mother’s only brother, Willie D. Grandy–she and her sisters fondly called him WD or Broboy–fought in World II. My mother on occasion talked about missing him while he was away, and how they often didn’t know where he was. I...

Man and woman sitting outside on a bench
28 May 2023

Undoubtedly, "Master Gardener" demands your attention as it's another slow burn from Paul Schrader. This film represents the later independent phase of Schrader's career. Premiering at the Venice Film Festival, it was produced on a...

Family hugging each other
25 May 2023

"Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret" is a film adapted from a book by Judy Blume, first published in 1970, and directed by Kelly Freeman Craig, the filmmaker behind "Edge of 17." It's a coming-of-age story where we follow Margaret, an...

Men looking intense
20 May 2023

You might already know why the BlackBerry failed; if not, you can always search for the reason on your iPhone. Instead, I recommend watching the biographical comedy-drama directed by Matt Johnson, which cleverly blends sharp wit with...

Character walking in formation with fire in the background
12 May 2023

Over a decade into his tenure with Marvel Studios, James Gunn has wrapped up his latest project as he prepares for a new role as co-chief at DC. On Twitter, he perfectly summed up the Guardians franchise by saying, "I didn't want to...


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