Kari Faux
02 September 2023

I’m watching a rapper. She cusses. Kari Faux is from Little Rock, Arkansas. She lives in Southern California. She cusses.

Kari’s “Real Bitches Don’t Die Tour” played Columbus Tuesday. Kari’s show started with “Real Bitches Don’t...

Poster from movie
20 July 2023

“That boy came from nowhere and went everywhere,” is a quote from the documentary “Jimmie & Stevie Ray Vaughan: Brothers in Blues,” which tells how Stevie Ray Vaughan became one of the most influential artists of all time.


Band playing on stage
11 July 2023

I entered Souls of Mischief’s 30th Anniversary of “93 Til Infinity” tour Saturday night at the A + R Bar. I took the 1 from On Tap at Bethel Center into the A+R Bar’s Downtown walking vicinity.


Band on stage
29 March 2023

I knew Future’s “1 Big Party Tour” at Nationwide and Ohio States women’s basketball NCAA Tourney were my week.

People watch a show on Netflix, or Hulu for a week and nothing else.


Protomartyr cover
14 March 2023

Bus Stile Activities celebrated the Columbus Metropolitan Library’s (CML) 150th anniversary. Our libraries were founded in March 1873 after the Civil War showed the importance of literacy. CML still astound me. Our society...

RC Mob
29 January 2023

1) I don't remember them having that many good songs! When I think of the Mob's album output I think of Omerta and only Omerta, their classic debut and then there's everything else. That Friday night at the Athaneum (what a place!),...


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