27 September 2013

 This is as deep as Vampire Weekend got for me Monday night outdoors at the LC Pavilion, as I pondered how to describe the Brooklyn band's South African township-meets-new-wave music.
 A quirky swirl?
 A swirl of quirk?

12 September 2013
Like an old-fashioned Saturday night tent revival, the world's greatest funk trombonist came to town and made the lame dance and the doubters believe. Fred Wesley, 70 years old and a man who helped give funk the feel in its infancy (when...
12 September 2013

What is a “scene” anyway? What does it look like, sound like or even feel like? What does it mean for a city to have a “music scene?” And if you were asked, “what is Columbus's music scene like?” How would you answer that question? I...

04 September 2013

Ace of Cups 2619 N High St,...


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