29 April 2014

Bedroom Dodgeball and Other Tales

Dear Lady Monster,

Some years ago I had a single sexual encounter with a woman who sought me out for a long time. We finally met, and some months later she...

24 April 2014



The Columbus Burlesque Collective is a community for local performers with respect for the art of burlesque, each other and no hierarchy. This is...

31 March 2014

I was 83 last September and was wondering if you have any ideas on how to make my non­existent sex life better?

 About 5 years ago I had most of my prostate removed due to (lost word) it was enlarged, but not cancerous,...

11 March 2014

As a BBW model/performer, Kelly is passionate about introducing body positive messages into the media spotlight, and promotes her ongoing mantra of “Confidence is Sexy” through a variety of mediums. A proponent of “intelligent hedonism...

04 March 2014
On Sunday, March 9th, it's Spring Forward for daylight savings, time to move our clocks forward one hour (2am becomes 3am). Spring begins officially with the Vernal Equinox on March 20th at 12:57PM Eastern Time. Spring Fever isn't a myth...
24 February 2014

I found out that a close (platonic) friend apparently has a foot fetish. Should I avoid being around him when I'm barefoot or wearing sandals or sexy high heels?

Dear Reader,

Thank you for writing in with your...


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