Photo of protestors
16 April 2015

Supporters of the hunger strike in the supermax unit at Ohio State Penitentiary rallied in Columbus Tuesday, April 14, calling upon prisons director Gary Mohr to order the restoration of the inmates' constitutionally protected...

02 April 2015

“Columbus is safe from Fracking.  It’s all happening out in eastern Ohio, right?”

  Ever looked at a map of the Utica Shale play?
  While most Shale Gas development (Fracking) is...

15 March 2015

One of the many big questions facing this country is how we are going to improve our educational system. Charter schools may not be the solution, but they seem to be here to stay. There is need for more transparency, accountability and...

23 February 2015
Dear President Obama:

We're delighted that you have begun the long-awaited process of normalizing relations with Cuba, and we're anxious to see a US embassy open in Havana, but there is an action that you alone can take to...
25 January 2015

A handful of cold, wet protesters stood in the rain outside Nationwide Arena on Sunday afternoon, January 25, urging people to ask the City of Columbus to overturn the bailout of the Arena with their tax money.

The message from...

13 November 2014

What: Rally and delivery of over 500 signatures asking David Deweese, Supervising Officer at the Customs Enforcement (ICE) Immigration Office to Stop the Deportation of Angel Bustos



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