Albert A. Gabel is a Professor Emeritus from Ohio State University.


Ohio State University

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Professor Emeritus

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02 June 2011
Dear Editor :
Ending the Tax would do little to balance the State Budget or decrease the deficit since only 20% of the revenue goes to the Ohio...
10 May 2011
Editor Benjamin Marrison
Columbus Dispatch
34 S. 3rd St.
Columbus, OH 43215

Dear Mr. Marrison:

In your subtle way...
06 May 2011
The Law resulting from SB 5 would:
Rescind the 1983 law which allowed collective bargaining by 360,000 public employees. A quote from the April 5th issue...
29 April 2011
Dear President Obama,
Why Atomic Energy Should Not be Used to Generate Electricity:
The plants are inherently unsafe
· Most of the...
30 July 2007
To the editor:

President Bush and many Republicans in Congress would still like to privatize Social Security. If even 1/3rd of the Withholding Tax...
22 November 2006
The cost of bringing new medication to the market is high and getting higher because of the complexity of the research. Foreign countries and those groups who...