Bob Sheak, who lives just outside of Athens, Ohio, is an emeritus professor of sociology at Ohio University.

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14 February 2024

In the U.S. Congress, the Democrats and Republicans have been unable to reach an agreement on immigration policy governing the southern...

Joe Biden
03 January 2024


This post raises the question of whether President Biden’s quest for re-election in 2024...

16 April 2015

The majority of citizens want social security to continue and to be improved, according to a survey by the National Academy of Social Insurance done in...

05 September 2013
The stupidity of Obama's sanctioned attack on Syria Bob Sheak

Obama appears to be sinking deeper into his war- making plan on Syria. He has...
23 August 2013
Bradley Manning, whistleblower, leaker of "classified" information, who was held for about 3 years in pre-trial detention by the Obama government, over a year...
05 July 2013
President Obama presented his climate change plan to the nation on June 25. He committed himself and his administration to the overarching goals of limiting...