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Silhouettes of people all carrying guns
03 May 2016

When it began to go viral a petition was calling for open carry of guns at this summer’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland, the joke...

Apartment building blowing up
01 March 2016

City planners and everyone else for that matter are convinced Columbus is one of the fastest growing cities in the nation. Data from the US Census Bureau...

Body builder with no shirt on in a wheelchair, words saying It could have been my excuse but it became my victory
27 February 2016

Nick Scott takes I’ll be back, one of the greatest movie quotes of all time, to a mind-bending level of inspiration.


At 16 he was in a car...

Photo of Dick's Den bar
03 February 2016

Back in 2008, when the Ohio State University began to rumble that sophomores would be required to live on campus, eight of the largest off-campus...

Tall downtown skyscrapers
13 January 2016

JPMorgan Chase and Co. is a bank “too big to fail,” and according to the G20 or The Group of Twenty, it is the bank too big to fail.

Photo of Vivitrol drug
09 December 2015

Just how serious has the problem of heroin addiction become for Columbus and its suburbs?
   Before a recent 60 Minutes story that exposed the local...