Pete Johnson is the President of the Board of Directors of the Columbus Free Press (,) a member of Coalition on Political Assassinations, and a member of Citizens Alliance for Secure Elections. He is a Pharmacist living in Columbus Ohio.

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15 August 2020

If you live in a poor or even a middle class neighborhood, Donald Trump does not want you to vote, and if you do vote, he does not want your vote counted....

People protesting
11 May 2020

Did you miss the Free Press Second Saturday Cyber-Salon ?

If so, here's a run-down of what happened and how you can be involved next time!


Morgan Harper
05 November 2019

In March, 2020, Democratic voters will have a choice in the 3rd Congressional district which encompasses most of Columbus. The incumbent, Joyce Beatty, is...

31 January 2019

On the occasion of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a group of over 60 prominent American citizens is calling upon Congress to reopen the investigations into the...

31 January 2019

Bob Fitrakis will be interviewing John Potash, author of Drugs as Weapons Against Us, about his documentary based on the book, WGRN at 5:30 PM on the show...

04 July 2018

President Donald Trump’s efforts to impose fascism exploded to the surface with the realization that his war on non-white people has escalated with his...