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23 March 2023

I read the news – invasion of Iraq! twentieth anniversary! – and struggle to transcend the abstraction of my remorse. A million killed? Half a million? The...

15 March 2023

This is from one of the people I’m least likely to bother quoting:

“We need a ...

09 March 2023

The future tapped me quietly on the shoulder the other day and suggested that I take a moment to learn about the writing bots.

They’re coming!


22 February 2023

Confession: I have a few books out there that no one knows about because I haven’t written them . . . well, finished them.

I’ve talked in previous...

15 February 2023

No doubt everyone grows old in their own way.

But once you actually hit it — that three letter word, “old” — watch out: “An aged man is but a paltry...

08 February 2023

Curse that First Amendment! What were the Founding Fathers thinking?

As ...