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Intel and weapons
21 February 2022

Local powerbrokers have heralded New Albany’s planned Intel computer chip plant for the jobs it will bring to the region, but Intel’s plans for Central...

03 December 2021

For safety reasons, the names of the sources in this article are aliases.

This past Monday morning, students were shocked to find white...

White man talking into a mic
12 November 2021

The tall, grey-haired, 60-year-old attorney Steven Donziger gave a final hug to his son last Wednesday, Oct. 27, 2021. Donziger had spent over two years...

Morgan Harper
06 November 2021

One day after Ohio Republicans introduced the nation’s most restrictive abortion bill, progressive Senate candidate, Morgan Harper, spoke at a press...

Man holding protest sign
12 October 2021

There’s unexpected Democratic opposition to entrenched incumbent Congresswoman Joyce Beatty this year for Ohio’s 3rd district House seat....

People protesting
28 September 2021

Sunday evening workers and supporters of workers at Worthington’s three library branches gathered on Worthington’s Village Green to rally support for voting...