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Man with flag
27 May 2022

America’s history has been born and steeped in the struggles for freedom and the wars of the past. These are typically fought by an idealistic, motivated...

Comic with DeWine and son
29 April 2022

We’ve all heard of the old axiom about aging “like a fine wine.” Of course, in Ohio politics hardly anything is aging finely these days, including our...

Pat DeWine
17 March 2022

As Ohio’s recent Republican-dominated redistricting process bungles on, any Ohioan who has been paying attention has probably realized the importance of our...

Lincoln and Washington
18 February 2022

Like many Americans, I plan on spending Presidents’ Day weekend going to all of the incredible mattress sales happening around our fine country, while...

People in a funeral procession holding a democracy sign
26 January 2022

In the weeks following the one-year anniversary of the January 6 insurrection, there were countless editorials, think pieces and discussions in the media...

Man holding sign in front of Statehouse
28 December 2021

There’s been plenty to be grateful for in 2021, but like many things in our American democratic republic, the wheels of progress move slow and 2020 kept its...