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ACORN Canada logo
13 February 2020

Recently, I was shadowing some of our organizing committee members when they hit the doors in the Mountjoy-Dorset neighborhood of Dublin as they ventured...

A hand drawing a chart
17 January 2020

Before the committee members, volunteers, and organizers begin to hit the doors, we should look at a little bit of what I call “organizing math.” Yes, I...

Different colored cartoon people talking in colored speaking bubbles
12 December 2019

The rubber is about to hit the road! Barring catastrophe, and all of this is preparing you to prevent catastrophe, the starting gun is about to go off and...

Cartoon people sitting around a table
05 November 2019

The devil is in the details. This is especially true in organizing!

One question that I’m asked over and over when discussing how to construct an...

Two sets of black people shaking hands
14 September 2019

If an organizing committee is at the heart of building a community organization, how do you find the people who will join that committee? This definitely is...

Older white haired man making a face and holding his hand up facing out in front of his face
08 May 2019

Mass organizations need people who will fill the role of organizers.  Interns, students, and other volunteers are essential along with government paid or...