Marijuana leaf with words on the leaves saying Medical Business and Horticulture
05 April 2019

Many hardworking and successful marijuana connoisseurs have dreamed of one day working a legal and legitimate job in the cannabis industry.

For Ohioans that dream can finally become a reality. According to many Ohio medical-...

Teacher leaning over showing something to small child
02 April 2019

Columbus City Schools has had its share of issues and most local media love to kick our city schools while they’re down.

Recently, our region’s conservative radio station 610 WTVN and its most prominent local personality, Joel...

Two large white wind turbines in the foreground and a bunch of them in the distance
02 April 2019

Look for the Ohio Legislature to come out very soon with a bill to bail out FirstEnergy for its two nuclear plants on Lake Erie – Davis-Besse near Toledo and Perry east of Cleveland. FirstEnergy says it will close its nuclear reactors...

Man being dragged across the floor by two uniformed policemen
14 March 2019

The Ohio Senate passed SB23 yesterday to restrict abortion to the first six weeks of a woman’s pregnancy, in a vote of 19 to 13.

Republican Senator Kristina Roegner, the sponsor of the bill, told the Columbus Free Press...

People in white robes with pointy top hats in a circle outside at night with a flag
12 March 2019

Many people hear the name “Ku Klux Klan” and think of the deep South and unreconstructed neo-confederates riding at night with support from the city fathers and some obese caricature of a sheriff. That image is a convenient alibi of...

Silver handcuffs laying on marijuana leaves
06 March 2019

After Grove City police recently confiscated CBD products from a vape shop after executing a search warrant, what does this portend for all local CBD retailers who are not licensed by the state?

Depending on how each local police...


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