Trump with a big head
21 January 2017
In the midst of a terrible national illness, we organize and march for the known and solid cures.     For democracy and our natural planet.     We have clear direction on both issues.     This weekend's massive, powerful women's and other...
People dressed in red, white and blue with RESIST spelled out on each shirt yelliing
21 January 2017

The resistance started January 20. Six citizen activists with Democracy Spring, AllofUs, and Americans Take Action disrupted Trump while he took the oath of office, standing on their chairs and revealing a single word...

Big mean King Cong hovering over a city with a woman in his hand
16 January 2017

First published in The Progressive

As you ride the Amtrak along the Pacific coast between Los Angeles and San Diego, you pass the San Onofre nuclear power plant, home to three mammoth atomic reactors shut by citizen activism....

Red hammer and sickle Communism logo
08 January 2017

With the mind fogging meme of “Russian Influence,” we are avoiding a fact-based analysis of the 2016 election at our own peril.

Treason doth never prosper: what's the reason?
Why, if it prosper, none...

06 January 2017

Washington, DC – Three activists with Democracy Spring disrupted Congress today, issuing a citizens’ objection to the Electoral Vote count. They were detained and arrested by Capitol Police after standing up in the House chamber...

Bob yelling into a mic and words Bob Bites Back
04 January 2017

The Russian election hack may be a “red herring” so to speak. Visions of a new Cold War and appeals to Mother Russia aside (see this issue’s cover), the real problem is private, partisan, for-profit vendors secretly programming the...


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