Four faces of black people, two women, two men with words BlackPride4 under each one
14 March 2018

Judge Cynthia Ebner, endorsed by the Stonewall Democrats, handed out sentences in the #BlackPride4 on Tuesday, March 13.  Last week word was sent from the City Attorney's Office that there would be no jail time requested from the judge...

Red brick apartments with a big green tree in a courtyard in the middle
06 March 2018

A thriving community where wisdom prevails is the Columbus Metropolitan Library’s vision and mantra. But this doesn’t apply anymore to the Main Library’s next door neighbor the Grant Oak apartment complex, a quasi affordable dorm for...

The backs of four people at a vigil outside one holding a sign that says Ohioans Oppose the Death Penalty
05 March 2018

The two most recently scheduled Ohio executions were not carried out, and it’s starting to look like a fair bet the next one won’t happen either. In November, a failed execution attempt ended with Alva Campbell returned to his cell. In...

Someone holding up a sign with a picture of a young boy dressed like Uncle Sam and the words I WANT YOU to prevent gun violence
21 February 2018

“Columbus residents hold rally in support of stricter gun regulation and safety in schools, in solidarity with the Florida students at Parkland High School”


A peaceful, youth-organized rally will be...

A barn, silo, fenced in yard, curvy road leading to it, grass on the sides and hill with trees in background
12 February 2018

Most people generally feel that their piece of the American dream as landowners is located in the best part of the country. That, as landowners, their slice of heaven on earth is the best, and indeed that may be true for...

Sketch of four young black people, two women, two men, with words BlackPride4
12 February 2018

The verdicts have been reached:

Wriply Bennet: Disorderly Conduct - Guilty
Failure to Obey - Guilty
Resisting Arrest - Guilty

Ashley: Disorderly Conduct - Guilty
Failure to Obey - Guilty


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