Banner reading Stand Against Oppression Stand for Justice in Palestine
12 September 2018

I’m a member of the Central Ohio chapter of Jewish Voice for Peace. JVP was founded in 1996 to further the cause of peace in the middle-east. I’ve been asked to write about the ongoing Boycott-Divest-and-Sanction, or more simply, BDS...

Young white woman with straight brown hair smiling and holding a blonde girl baby
05 September 2018

Cop’s hand injured – civilian executed with eight shots in return: Once again a Columbus Police Department (CPD) officer dubiously reveals what a pathetic abject coward he really is (though the Free Press is cautiously suspicious of...

Two hockey players fighting on the ice with a ref looking on
04 September 2018

Columbus citizens voted five times not to spend public taxes on private sports arenas like Nationwide. So why is the Greater Columbus Arts Council (GCAC) trying to extort taxpayer dollars under the guise of supporting “arts and culture...

Map of US with spots where they are considering putting Amazon HQs
29 August 2018

Columbus is still in the running to become the home of HQ2 — the second headquarters of Amazon in North America. Amazon narrowed its list of candidate cities down to 20 finalists in January. The company is expected to further narrow the...

Big building with words Franklin County Board of Elections with glass doors
25 August 2018

The members of the Franklin County Board of Elections are the Free Press enemies of the people, after effectively stripping 560,000...

Colorful drawing of a landscape with a sun, windmills, people holding hands, some trees and the words Ohio Community Rights Network
21 August 2018

CHILLICOTHE, OHIO:  On August 8th, the Fourth District Court of Appeals dismissed the Athens County Bill of Rights Committee’s (ACBORC) appeal to place their rights-based county charter initiative on the ballot. Athens County...


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