Two white women holding pro-choice signs above their heads looking very determined outside at a rally
29 April 2019

Last month, Ohio governor Mike DeWine signed controversial Senate Bill 23into law. The law, which bans abortion...

Green ground and dusky sky with huge red moon and a design on the ground
28 April 2019

Farmer-tanned golfers smoking cigars and swigging beer are gleefully swatting their ball in and around the Octagon Earthworks, built 2,000 years ago by Native Americans in what is now Newark.

The Octagon is arguably a massive...

Three people digging into the ground, two wearing Buddhist garb
08 April 2019

Three years after their building burned down, Columbus KTC Buddhist Meditation Center began their rebuilding. On Sunday, April 7, they held a ceremony to bless the land where their original building stood in Franklinton. The event was...

Sign saying Green New Deal with people behind it and young woman with glasses speaking
06 April 2019

All the cool politicians are backing it; President Trump is mocking it: it’s the Green New Deal. The Democratic Socialists (DSA) spring issue of Democratic Left is totally dedicated to reporting on the Green New Deal. Perhaps DSA’s most...

Marijuana leaf with words on the leaves saying Medical Business and Horticulture
05 April 2019

Many hardworking and successful marijuana connoisseurs have dreamed of one day working a legal and legitimate job in the cannabis industry.

For Ohioans that dream can finally become a reality. According to many Ohio medical-...

Teacher leaning over showing something to small child
02 April 2019

Columbus City Schools has had its share of issues and most local media love to kick our city schools while they’re down.

Recently, our region’s conservative radio station 610 WTVN and its most prominent local personality, Joel...


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