Gray haired white man in blue shirt wearing headphones talking into an elaborate microphone set up
05 February 2019

At the end of January, the investigation into Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and their potential ties to Russia seemed to focus around one person – Roger Stone. This developed into a weekend news cycle around Stone that prompted...

Red white and blue police badge with eagle at top and Santa Maria in the middle with words Columbus Ohio police
11 January 2019

Chief Jacobs is Out

So, Chief Kim Jacobs is leaving her post a few months earlier than previously expected – on February 8, 2019.

The Chief hasn’t been on the job since late October and the department has...

White guy in a white shirt with football stadium seats behind him
01 January 2019

A fantasy...

January 15, 2019.

Urban Meyer is tooling west on I-70 in Indiana in his Audi S7, tires barely touching the pavement, on his way to an interview at the University of Iowa.

He notices a solitary...

Young  white man  with tousled brown hair wearing a blue T-shirt that says BEXLEY in white letters and he's waving a very tiny flag and kind of sneering at the camera in a bored way
04 December 2018

In Ohio, the 2018 election held consequences for the third party candidates for governor – both myself (the Libertarian Party candidate) and Constance Gadell-Newton (the Green Party candidate) had to earn at least 3 percent of the vote...

Three young women with #Fight4HER signs and one older white man in a suit
09 November 2018

“Nine hours into canvassing, a man thanked me and another volunteer for being the foot soldiers of democracy. Braving rain, wind, cold air, and irritated voters, we paved the way for Senator Brown and other champions of...

White woman in a police uniform and wire rimmed glasses smiling and posing
30 October 2018

CPD Chief Kim Jacobs: "We do not tolerate bad cops here," Jacobs stated when her Vice Unit decided to investigate itself for their dubious arrest of Stormy Daniels and two other women, and the unconscionable...


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