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Tuesday, November 29, 7pm, this on-line event requires advance registration

“Inhale/Exhale” is a space for restorative healing for organizers and activists in our lovely ecosystem. We welcome all organizers in the progressive and left movements to honor their bodies by resting and entering this space to learn various ways to heal.

In this installment, we will explore healing and what it means to truly heal after repairing harm in healthy processes of accountability. Although healthy, it still requires work and healing of all parties involved. Come ready to learn, share, engage, rest, and heal. Please sign up to attend and spread the word about this lovely event with Sharonda Crome and Arnesia McMillan! We want you whole and rested for this work, so please show up if you can.

Biography for Sharonda Crome

I travel and connect with groups around creating healthy boundaries and leading a life from within. As a Polarity Therapy Coach/Practitioner and Instructor for Impact Empowered Self Defense, I have the wonderful opportunity to help communities become confident and capable and connected and rested. I am the Founder of, a community that is dedicated to creating communities based on Life that allows for difference and diversity without sanitizing oppression. My website is

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Hosted by Ohio Voice.

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