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Wednesday, May 22, 6pm, this on-line event requires advance registration

We, the Ohio Community Rights Network, are inviting you to join us for, “A Truth and Reckoning with Nature: Isn’t it Time Ohio?,” on Wednesday, May 22, at 6pm, for a conversation with Tish O’Dell, OHCRN [Ohio Community Rights Network] board member and Consulting Director for CELDF [Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund] to imagine what being in right relationship with nature and each other might look like and how can we get there.

When an industry announces plans to come into a community, residents may discover that there is more to the story than the “more jobs and money” mantra. Instead, what they learn often raises concerns and many times actual fear and panic. Elected officials will attempt to quiet the alarm by stating that we have “strict regulations” to protect the community and nature. But is that really the case? Does the existing system of law recognize the important relationship between healthy ecosystems and healthy communities or does it place more importance upon the needs of an industry to profit from exploiting nature and the community and future generations.

Is it time to consider whether we continue to participate in a rigged system which too often places communities and nature in an abusive relationship with industry — or do we begin to be honest with ourselves — and with each other — and admit this is bullshit?

It is a tough pill to swallow, but if we are going to change the system and attempt to create something new, we have to free ourselves to think creatively and imagine a healthy, just, and sustainable community as the first steps to making them real.

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In order to prepare for a rich discussion, we are asking you to view this short video ahead of time, to read this article, “Truth, Reckoning and Right Relationship’: A Rights of Nature Epiphany,” and to consider the following questions beforehand.

1. What is your relationship with a body of water in your community/ecosystem? Would you say you are in a right relationship?

2. Our current cultural and societal norms, which are reflected in both our laws and policies, separate humans from the natural world (nature). Can you think of examples of this?

3. What changes would need to happen (culturally, legally, and economically) to meaningfully protect the ecosystem your community is part of and to allow them to flourish and thrive? What impact do you think that would have on the residents of the community now and in the future?

4. Our current environmental laws and policies regulate instead of prohibit harms to nature. This regulatory model permits and legalizes “regulated amounts” of toxins, poisons, and destruction of nature, while causing us to believe that we are somehow being protected from harm because of these laws and policies. We seem to notice or pay attention when a spill or explosion or other disaster happens. We seem to have a reactionary approach to protecting nature instead of a precautionary one. Can you give examples of this in other areas of our society besides the environment?

5. Are we nature?

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