Antoinette Seducteur of Columbus Burlesque Collective
Who said the days of old school bump’n’grind were over? It seems Columbus is becoming a center for a burlesque revival. This year we have two active organizations – the Columbus Burlesque Collective and the Ooh La La’s – and our city hosted the Fierce! International Gay Burlesque Festival this past May. If you yearn for an earlier era of tassels and semi-clad tush swaying, you need to embrace the lost art of burlesque. I attended a show called “It’s BOOB Thirty,” Friday October 18, an hour-long burlesque show that was free and held during Happy Hour at the Ace of Cups on north campus. The only thing missing was a vaudeville comedian as the opening act. The performers, each with their own unique theme and styles, recall the days when sex was titillating as opposed to in-your-face nasty. The mistress of ceremonies, Venom Vamp, encouraged strategic catcalls and wolf howls. The Free Press’ own Lady Monster took the stage twice, known as the Queen of Fire Tassels. She was taught by the “Living Legend of Burlesque” Satan's Angel, the creator of fire tassel twirling and has worked with Jello Biafra, Leonard Nimoy and Margaret Cho, to name an odd collection of celebrities. 21st Century Burlesque Magazine voted Lady Monster one of the Top 100 Burlesque Performers in the World in 2010. Lady Monster was joined by one performer from another local burlesque troop, the Ooh La La’s, honored with the title “Best Breasts in the Midwest.” The rest of the performers were from the Columbus Burlesque Collective and one standout performance depicted a military-type dominatrix. The music was contemporary with cabaret-like acting and dancing. The next “It’s BOOB Thirty” is this Friday, November 15 at the Ace of Cups, 2619 N High Street from 6:30 to 7:30pm. The promotion says “All Ages,” however take note that there will be nudity and some racy comments. Help celebrate Lady Monster and Kitty Mystique’s birthdays at the show this week along with food from Ray Ray’s Hog Pit and Happy Hour drink specials.
Miss Theresa of Columbus Burlesque Collective

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