Columbus rapper King Vada is celebrating the release of his new EP “Flowers Before I Go” with a show at the Circus tonight, Thursday November 14th. The rapper formerly know as Lxe For the Uncool released an EP back in August called “Murder Flowers.” King Vada’s 2013 catalog is blooming more than the Franklin Park Conservatory. My best idea to woo a lady is to bring over a pizza and a bouquet of whippets so I decided to ask King Vada’s advice on what types of flowers to bring a lady during the courting process. Vada responded, “Tulips. That would be my personal choice. Most people would bring roses though.” King Vada added, “On my birthday, I give my mother Roses.” De La Soul’s “D.A.I.S.Y. Age,” Wale's "Lotus Flower Bomb" and Jay Electronica’s twitter bio aside, one doesn’t hear about too many rappers bigging up romantic botany so I asked what’s up with the floral in the King’s arrangements. Vada’s explanation for the EP titles boils down to appreciation, “It’s a Kanye quote, ‘Give people the flowers when they can smell them.’ It’s just saying. ‘Give me my flowers now. Give me my props now... Don’t wait until I have passed away. And then say ‘he was one of the best rappers in Ohio.’” Flowers also have had a lifelong presence and influence in Vada’s life, the nasally rapper explained: “I’ve always liked flowers since I was a kid. For a boy that was kinda weird. My great-grandmother, I got to spend time with her. I used to live with her for about a year when I was little. She had a garden. She used to grow vegetables. She taught me how to plant flowers.” Don’t get it twisted though, King Vada isn’t soft. He is originally from Philly and bounced around between East Side Blood Gang Neighborhoods, and 5th Ave Crips, walking blocks for the bulk of his time since moving to Columbus in the 90s. Vada explained how the time spent gardening with his great-grandmother helped him with perspective when he got involved with the street life: “That’s just one of those things in life when you are growing up, that even though it doesn't seem too big, that can shift a person’s total way of thinking. I used to sell drugs... even those little moments where I was planting flowers gave me a different perspective than the guy I was out there with. He probably never experienced things like that. I am sure that was pivotal.” Vada always knew there was a bigger world out there and the possibilities of nurturing other talents existed. He was in Fly Union for awhile and then parted ways with the revered Columbus collective in 2011. He released two critically acclaimed releases, “the Anti-Parachute Theory” and “the Measure” shortly thereafter. Of course, he did all these things under the name Lxe For the Uncool. I was always curious why he changed his name from Lxe to King Vada after already developing momentum. Vada said the moniker switch was for practical and personal reasons, “That’s too long of a name... I spent a long of time dodging my real name...I used to get made fun of. It was really just for me.” Well, as Lxe and King Vada over the past 5 years, he's become close with Maybach Music, Group’s Stalley and is a member of the Stalley’s Blue Collar Gang along with STS of Philly’s Money Making Jamboys. The Maybach Music Group is Rick Ross’ record label so I was curious what it was like to be in proximity of a such a high profile camp. Vada considers the Massillon native Stalley a good friend, but isn't really stressed about climbing up the MMG ladder. Vada’s aims are far more modest. He offers, “My goal isn't to be a superstar. My goal is to take care of my girl and my family.” Vada’s sense of perspective and background helped squash tension between Bloods and Crips during this year's Summer Jam at Skully’s in August. Vada had a rapper with him with Blood affiliation named Cholo. Some young Crips from Vada’s neighborhood were ready to interact with Cholo in a manner consistent with the two rival sets' history until Vada intervened and invited the Crips to share space on stage with Cholo. “I made an announcement, ‘Everyone know I am from 5th. That’s a Crip neighborhood. I got Cholo here. He my Blood Brother. We all about to be up here. And we all about to rock together." Vada and Cholo performed their song “the Killing” and everyone just had fun. Vada was happy to see the power of peace brought from his music and cultural history. “I know if I wasn't there. Those kids are so wild and so turned up that anything could have happened.” King Vada's will perform at the Circus located at 1227 North High Street Thursay 11/14/2013. Also on the bill are Fabrashay- A, P.Blacck, Cholo, Twizz, DJ Corey Grand, and DJ Chris Mars B.

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