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Columbus Vegan Meetup Buffet Plate Photo by Eriyah Flynn
For me one of the best things about going vegan was discovering Indian food. I had no idea what an amazing spectrum of satiety I was really missing for the first score of my life. Banana Leaf has been a most generous supporter of the Columbus vegan community, and they strive at empowering others. This month, they started a new program designed to help people eat vegan easily, simply, deliciously, healthfully and affordably. Monday through Friday after 4 pm, you can pick up some rice, lentils and curried vegetables (vegetable changes daily) for only $5. If you would like to know how to prepare Indian style food, they also offer cooking classes; their next one is Nov 24th. They are aware that socially just diners are concerned about making sure they get organic foods produced locally and are in the process of making those priorities part of their operations model. They do provide a variety of gluten free options in their breads and desserts as well. All food is made from scratch, fresh daily, and their regular customers know nothing goes to waste; any left overs are sent home with customers at the end of the day to share with their friends and family. Banana Leaf is located at: 816 Bethel Road, Columbus, OH 43026. Open 7days a week. Eriyah’s Favorite: Malai Kafta (because it is the only vegan Malai Kafta in the city)