Tony “Doctah X” Harrington is a Reggae-rooted musician, singer and deejay who explores dub and dubstep often with Eastern and African Sounds. Doctah X recently released “Bangkok Chili” on North Carolina-based Boom One Records. This was a follow-up to his 2011 album “Agent of Kabul.” He hosts and deejays a radio show on WCRS called “Perscriptions” which airs Fridays from 9-10pm. He is one of those Columbus gems with a rich history. In the 70s and 80s, as a blues guitarist, Doctah X recorded and toured in Europe with Cream drummer Ginger Baker and played with blues legends John Lee Hooker, Albert Collins and Lele Gaudi. He also recorded with Umar Bin Hassan of the Last Poets. FP: Put together your fantasy band, dead or alive DoctahX: Jimi Hendrix and Eddie Hazel-guitars, Bernie Worrel, Jimmy Smith-keys and organ, Jaco Patorious -bass, Sly Dunbar-drums, Dr. Israel vox and live dub mixing, Airto Moreira percusion. FP: What's the best, most exciting concert, music event you've been to? DoctahX: Lee 'Scratch' Perry at Le Poission, New York City 2013. FP: What the best (or most important) thing about the music scene in Columbus? DoctahX: The broad scope of talent here. FP: What's the most important issue (political or otherwise) going on in Columbus? DoctahX: The Public Library's corporate directional leanings. FP. Dub-step is a pretty broad term these days. If you could teach a class on Dub-step to a young Skrillex fan. What are a few records and/or ideas you would want them to know about or understand? DoctahX: More bass, less annoying midfrequency noise runnings. Listen to the masters. For Dub: King Tubby, Scientist, Twilight Circus, Jah Thomas, Sly and Robbie. For Dub-step: Pinch, Mala, Digital Mystikz ,The early stuff. Doctah X will be performing at Woodlands Tavern 668 Grandview Ave on November 30th

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