Ken Yee and just some of the many scotch brands available at Wing’s. (Photo by Michael Alwood)
Nostalgia. The word itself has the power to transform our thoughts for a moment. It's pleasant and familiar, which is also a good way to describe Wing's Restaurant, 2801 E. Main St in Columbus. For those who grew up in Bexley or on Columbus's east side, as owners Ken and Kim Yee did, a trip to Wing's will certainly be nostalgic. Both Eastmoor High School graduates, the Yees continue a family tradition that's gone on now for 44 years. If you have ever been to Wing's during that time span, rest assured it has not changed. It will be exactly as you remember it. Wing's has many regular customers and the Yees know most of them by name. And Ken, who mans the bar, remembers what they drink. And if what you like to drink is scotch, well, Ken has a surprise for you. Wing's maintains what is surely the widest selection of scotch in central Ohio. Any label you can think of and about twice that number in brands you've never heard of dot his extensive list. Back in the day, this reporter favored Pinch from Haig and Haig and was delighted to see it on Ken's menu, as it has not been available locally for years. Sure enough Mr. Yee was able to produce the distinctively shaped bottle. Pinch, by the way, is a bargain at Wing's compared to some of the prices of the more exotic single-malt labels. The serving Ken poured sent me further along my nostalgia trip, it tasted as fine as I remembered, maybe better. The food menu is even lengthier as the one for scotch, with a full range of both Chinese and American cuisine. Picks: any number of single malts, leave the Pinch alone, there's less than half a bottle left.

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