One sepia photo of black women shouting with fists in the air above a black and white photo of me surrounding what looks like a tank

Thursday, April 26, 7-8:30pm
St. Stephen's Episcopal Church, 83 W Woodruff
The Tet Offensive in Vietnam. The assassination of Martin Luther King. The French May. The Prague Spring. Black Power fists at the Olympics in Mexico City. Mayhem outside the Democratic convention in Chicago. Marching for civil rights in Northern Ireland.

To name the year 1968 is to summon images of not just one or two world-shaking events, but many. 1968 demonstrated even the strongest-seeming regimes can be shaken by uprisings from below; political change is infectious and can take place at lightning speed; the spirit of freedom can sweep across the world, from the poorest and most subjugated countries to the richest and most powerful.

Join us for a conversation about the momentous year of 1968, and what it means for us today, 50 years later. 

This meeting will feature a guest speaker, Paul D’Amato, who is a member of the ISO’s national steering committee and the author of The Meaning of Marxism.


Suggested Readings:

"1968: The Year that Changed Everything"