Purple and blue colors

We’ve seen so much horrendous death recently; the annual year-end listings seem insignificant. My favorite thing about the year was watching the human spirit have superior attributes over negative entities.
  After watching the Black Lives matter movement, the pro-choice rallies, legalization of gay marriage, socialized health-care and other displays of enlightenment, I thought there was a sure sign of a majority social enlightenment backed by expansive resilience in the face of adversity.
  Power to the People.

  But now people are getting shot at protests and pretty much everywhere.  It’s weird watching people actually try to induce the apocalypse.
  I would like to explain to ISIS, distraught white men and murderous police that killing random people will not cause Armageddon.
  It will kill innocent people, while the powers that be will leverage this for profit, or limitation of our rights.
  You aren’t even going to war profiteer. The guy selling you weapons will.

Well, nihilist, idealism and/or absurdism shall come hither.

Incomplete Year-end list:

The Prinz Thomes Award for Electronic Excellence

Future- Dirty Sprite 2.

  Dirty Sprite 2 is essentially a break-up album if Beck was from Zone 6 instead of Los Angeles. Future details debauchery, absence, as well as invincibility during relationship turmoil through a drugged-out aura. Musically, it’s kind of like if Dam Funk and Chief Keef transcended into one person and made the best electronic-synth record in years. Listen to with headphones, after-sex, or soup, or bath, or tea, or Quaaludes or just a good nap when your comforter is comfortable.

  Runners Up: Ohnetronix, The Official Anotholgy: Post Industrial Noise, Major Lazer,

Rap- Vince Staples- Summertime o6

  People want to write: Vince is a Crip who is involved in skateboarding as if Los Angeles just was paved this week. Vince’s range is so much more. He discussed neighborhood dynamics, relationship turmoil, sociological, political and racial contexts with a penchant for both the Pac personal while understanding everything is relative.
  Musically, the No-ID overseen record explored a diverse-sonic palette that maintained a uniform darkness while being sequential, and intellengly percussive nuanced. This competed with Future for EDM album of the year.
  Runners Up: Tyler, the Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, Asap Rocky, Joey Bada$$, Drake, Kevin Gates, Starlito, Kendrick Lamar.

Best Live Performer- Joey Bad-A$$

  A true student of the entirety of rap as if he was from Brooklyn, New York, Mr. Bad-A$$ holds true to both the dexterity of rapping, and also the entire continuum of a real-rap performance. It’s not shallow nods to call and response or minor referencing; Joey inspires hand waving, moshing, dancing, pouring out liquor and genuine feelings of Hip Hop as rebel music in her essence is real. He is situated somewhere between Duck Down and Mos Def stylistically.
  Runners Up: Red Fang, Brett Burlseon, Stan Smith,

I-270 to I-71- Here$y-Here$y

  Columbus emcee Dominique LaRue had a tremendous year on her own through solo music and performances. But then you group her with Monie Love of the Native Tongues, a rapper from Carolina named Carolina Dirty and a Rocky Steady Crew battle rapper named My Verse?
  Again, that’s Monie Love of the Native Tongues (De La Soul, Tribe Called Quest, Black Sheep, Jungle Brothers, Common, The Roots, Mos Def, Talib Kweli) with Dominique LaRue.
  So when Heresy called people out, and rawly, provided odes to writers, BBOY/BGirl’s over production by J-Rawls, and Mr. Lawnge of Black Sheep was a pretty good moment in Columbus Hip Hop.
  Runners Up: The Arc Band, Nervosas, All Dogs, Vacation, Minority Threat


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