CITIZENS GRASSROOTS CONGRESS Set the 2017 people's agenda for Central Ohio by attending the Citizens Grassroots Congress 2016!

Sunday, September 11, 1-5 PM Whetstone Library 3909 N. High St. (43214)

Representatives of community organizations are invited to attend the September Pre-Election, 2016 Citizen’s Grassroots Congress, which will unite community organizations in goals and action to help shape the agenda for Central Ohio’s future from the bottom up! 

Don't leave the future of greater Columbus to current out-of-touch public officials and elite titans. Attend the Citizens Grassroots Congress and help set the Central Ohio agenda at the street level! We want to know what you think are the most important issues for activists to collaborate on between now and the November election.

  The Citizens Grassroots Congress has, in the past, had four goals:
    1) Bringing together community and social justice organizations with specific agendas for sharing and networking of ideas, plans, actions, etc. 
    2) Giving the people a chance to determine shared priorities and commit to helping achieve goals that address local social justice issues. (Some past top priorities: WCRS Community Radio, City Council Reform)
    3) Submitting reports of our work to the media and to government officials. 
    4) Working together to achieve our shared goals.
A larger, more comprehensive Grassroots Congress will be held in November to address local concerns following the November election.

This event is Free but an RSVP is required by email to
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