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Not to imply you were concerned. But I notice if a different gas station clerk is working during my routine. I notice if gas prices decrease. Maybe you noticed I haven't written in the Columbus Free Press a few months. There are myriad of reasons that do tell a story that I needed to wait until the midterms were behind us to comprehend.

If anyone wants to publish a book by 800 words wouldn't suffice.

The short version: I didn't feel comfortable typing pragmatic Democrat writings while someone who works for the paper was running for Governor. I felt like would be undermining someone's hard work. I also knew politics isn't my expertise. I climbed to something that I hadn't intended.

No one from the Columbus Free Press told me what to do. There wasn't a conversation to follow a party line. The Columbus Free Press has worked passionately for social justice since the 70s.

I like rap music and sometimes rock ‘n’ roll. If you feel like you’re the fool. Close your mouth.

After I told my reasons for not writing, someone who works for the Columbus Free Press and WCRS told me I was welcome to write my political views. Still, instinctually waiting until after the voting November 6th was felt like the best plan.

Perhaps this might be the unsung tragedy of the current political environment; many nuances are lost because divide and conquer gave power to right wing extremism from here to Brexit.

I'm not saying the President is the only person responsible. With that said: Do you think the same administration will run things until 2020? The House of Representatives could impeach the president. Do you think the Republican Majority Senate would convict the President once the House impeaches?

Of course anything can happen.

Last month, we saw the head of the Russian GRU Igor Korobov pass away. While the head of what we refer to as the KGB isn't a Senator or a House Representative my guess is the unexpected, and expected can happen.

John McCain's might've made more sense in the above sentence. Who knows what special elections will be in front of us?

With that said, sitting out was the wrong decision. My point is there is lot of living to do. We should treat each other well, and then maybe we won't have to worry about psych-ops.

Music Releases of the Year

I stopped listening to music for five months as well as stopped writing. I've already written about most things I would list. You might question? Why do you write here? Look I've been writing about music my entire life. Me without music for five months is not typical.

Columbus Rap Music of the Year From New Artist.

Sarob Transitions Phase 1 & 2

Sarob's music sounds constantly familiar in a manner that's never been done while stripped down a notch. Sarob's diction is clear and elicits a subdued insistence. The minimal midwest is prevalent with the tasteful production. Sarob found the midspace between R & B and James Blake while mentioning Lonnie Lynn aka Common as someone he respects. Sarob finds vulnerability and poignancy within subtlety without sounding weird or out the pocket. My compliment for this record would be rap music that is effective while understated.


Boots Riley and Spike Lee mildly sparred over Spike Lee's BlackKKKlansman that depicts 70's FBI agent Ron Stallworth in a positive manner while fighting racism. Riley had just released his post Occupy Wall Street commentary about social class Sorry to Bother You.

Spike Lee's thinking: Why not try to win the battle of hearts and minds that the Hip Hop social revolution would have already set the track for which would include people who became cops?

Riley's point was valid from a Cointelpro historical perspective. Spike Lee's movie was valid within a 2018 wouldn't it helpful if the FBI stopped white racist terrorists. Both movies exuded each icon’s style, commentary, and humor which made the Hip Hop social revolution of the late 80's and early 90's dynamic, intelligent and compelling. Spike Lee with his films. Boots Riley with his music.

Jonah Hill's movie Mid 90's depicted the broken homes, and the freedom of skateboarding with a Hip Hop soundtrack that showed the post-conscious era, practical application of Hip Hop's erosion of racial barriers. Mid 90's wasn't political.

These films convey sentiments of 90's Hip Hop without feeling dated.

New Venues

The Columbus Anthenauem complete with booking Sleep, Godspeed, and the Breeders gave you that DIY feel in a Palias Gamier setting. These shows were events. For small scale dance party's Two Truth's and the Oracle provided things related Hip Hop, Disco, Psych Music, funk and soul.