People dressed as presidents in masks with guns

The thing I learned in 2019 was people can be into wack things and it’s hard to tell if they support Trump or not. The lesson here is that humans will live their lives regardless who is elected in November.

The other lesson is Trump will still be funny, make a bunch of money and sex with his hot wife and several women if he is President, impeached or loses the election.

This country doesn’t need threats of Civil War.

If Trump loses...he gives a really a historic speech and then back to sexing women half his age, uncriticized.

If he wins…Trump entertains and confuses with a series of absurd speeches and is forced to have sex with attractive women with media skepticism. Why the Republicans are threatening war when the man in question will still find sex and money is why the Republicans finally lost the television wars.

Some Republican’s coarseness finally overpowered the image that Democrats are aging hippies who can’t be trusted.

The Dems may have ruined Obama’s rebrand in 2016, however some Republicans come off as the unlikable oppressors in 2019. Remember that Ronald Reagan had the sandpaper to smooth away the ugliness when people disliked their hippie neighbors but didn’t want to be like horrible dictators.


Trump committed impeachable acts which include extortion after Congress agreed to financial aid for Ukraine. Truth and political strategy are two different things. Republicans would only decide to impeach if they would have a Ronald Reagan figure ready to run against some liberal lightweight in 2024.

I support impeachment.

With that said, Democrats need to convince Americans their vision will improve our country during the next year.

I understand the fear is that impeachment doesn’t allow candidates to express their message. Takedowns without replacements are ineffective.

My guess is Democrats decided impeachment is a good way to avoid divide and conquer before the primaries.

With that said:

The Democrats winning the Senate is more important than defeating Trump.

Allow me to reference my Upski interview from 2016 when he said taking the House back was more important than electing Hillary Clinton.

Trump likes being president. He probably doesn’t want to dismantle healthcare, eliminate women’s reproductive freedom and cater to a white supremist mentality.

My guess is, if Trump didn’t need people who advocate oppression to win, he would probably be like Biden if Biden liked cocaine and humps women who aren’t his wife.

While I like Biden, Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren etc., Donald Trump’s commitment to himself makes me think a Democratic Congress + Trump could make interesting results. I’d like the country to be unified in rejecting negativity. Congress being Democrat could accomplish this goal in practice.

Tell Republicans you agree that Trump deserves money and sex but disagree with eroding our democracy and needing a dictatorship to enable Trump to obtain things rap music promises.

If Trump wins with a Democratic Congress, let him know that he can be Lincoln that receives blow jobs instead of a shooting. Non-violent blown dome.

We would need a complete Democratic Congress to make the Trump theory to reach its full potential and respond to the Republican’s for not impeaching Trump.

If I’m wrong, the Democratic-controlled Congress could impeach Trump.

We live In Columbus, Ohio where there isn’t a Senate race in 2020.  We have to caste our ballots for the Democrats.

In November 2020 hit that Democrat button.

Vote Biden, Sanders and whomever and talk to Republicans like individuals is my approach to 2020.

My message is we have to interact with each other regardless of who wins in 2020.