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2021 began with Trump attacking the Capitol to stop the election verification. Or in the least showing he could get away with murdering police, and physically intimidating Congresspeople.

2021 finished with Covid resurgence and Build Back Better in peril.

The fact that I can figure out easily what is being expressed with “Let’s Go Brandon” but could not really tell you wtf Build Back Better is or if it cares about my existence, I finished with a conclusion:

Someone spent 2021 ruining communication.

I feel like Biden/Harris are like well-intentioned parents whose kids experienced trauma.

In 2020, they watched their kids watch George Floyd murdered broadcasting everywhere. People’s grandparents died from Covid.  Another group of kids decided to riot January 6th.

Someone spent 2021 confusing everything.

Biden/Harris needs break everything down to the simplest:

Showering regularly, wearing a mask prevents Covid, the Flu, strep throat, and Cooties.

It’s winter so Covid cases are going to increase because people are indoors and can spread germs.

Vaccination decreases the probability of Covid inconveniencing them for a month and killing their grandpa.

Kids aren’t vaccinated. If schoolkids were vaccinated then it would decrease the likelihood of them killing grandma with Covid, mumps and measles.

Yes...some humans can withstand Covid illness for a month. I would prefer to decrease the likelihood of sickness.

I would prefer to not have strep throat.

This idea applies to Covid.

Sometimes there is not much you can do but handle the fundamentals and communicate.

I think our country experienced lots of enormous and unexpected things during in our lifetime, and then there is the history of humanity.

2021 was a stay inside and heal for a second and/or observe the hecklers type of year.

We just need to withstand this winter of bathing regularly and not touching diseased moisture.

Regardless I have headphones.

2021 Favorite Columbus Records

Blueprint – Watch It Burn

Blueprint’s song claimed a dystopian continued implosion would find the improvement of music.

Post-Trump we were experiencing a parting interview some of the things that elected him.

U.S.A. were finally ending our war in Afghanistan.

“Watch it Burn” reminded everyone that even during the George Bush Debacle, in which a long-term United States Colonialism foreign policy led to the 911 tragedy and led to lies to invade countries...

In the George Bush era within Rap... our country’s imperialism was understood so people went for dolo and made music with people with similar skillsets, aesthetics, and aspirations.

Blueprint label’s Weightless was part of bigger movement with El-P's Def Jux, and Atmosphere’s Rhymesayers.

People were rapping and making dope hip hop with the forgone conclusion that America genocidal history had proven our country was not really anything noble...and our country was playing for power.

In 2021, Trump’s attack on the Capitol reminded us that Hillary Clinton blamed Russia + Trump for trying to undermine and destroy our government.

Trump/Russia was sometimes said to be motivated as a retaliation for Bill Clinton’s dismissive handling of Boris Yeltsin after a successful American intelligence operation destroyed the USSR during the Cold War...

The Dems impeached Trump after Hillary lost under a premise Trump and Russia were trying to destroy our government.

Trump invited a bunch people to Washington D.C. under the guise he would be reinstated so they would be forgiven for killing police officers.

They killed some cops.

“Watch It Burn” came as Covid reappeared. The Democrats messaging was muddled by George Bush’s foreign policy mistakes.

“Watch It Burn” was rapped over a diligent driving drum which implied if the Democrats can’t repair our damaged society, we still have Hip Hop.

If society crumbles that’s the long-term effect of history and hip hop was invented while our government is completely incompetent and surviving negligence of 500 years.

Kneeling in Piss- Types of Cults

Kneeling in Piss’ Types of Cults lacked any mention of Ancient Moorish Science.

With that said: Kneeling in Piss did understand Dead Milkmen meets Bob Dylan usually works if you’re worth listening to.

Jay Swifa - 7

Jay Swifa is interesting because was part of Fly Union. They were signed to Interscope and Lebron James’ pet rap group. Bron Bron is in L.A.

Interscope didn’t drop a full Fly Union album because they didn’t know to market a group of dudes who could produce, and rap but weren’t gangsters.

About a month before Covid, Swifa was doing a producer showcase at Wild Goose Creative which brought in a lot of new talent and had him verzus with Rashad.

Swifa returned in 2021 with an Ep called 7. He rapped solo, with Iye from Fly Union, and Le who was in an early version of Fly Union. This was sequenced with production which fit somewhere between J-Cole's “For Your Eyes Only“ and Dilla soul samples.

Protest Worked. Justice Existed

We discussed the confusion and the feel of 2021.

Remember 2021 was the year:

George Floyd’s murderer was convicted.

Ahmaud Arbery's 3 murderers were convicted.

Daunte Wright’s killer was convicted.

Columbus police are paying restitution for their responses in 2020.

Those results did not happen 5 years ago.

House of Reps passed the George Floyd Justice in Policing along party lines.

The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act stalled in the Senate.

The Dems need a larger Senate majority if some of y’all were upset Donald wasn’t reelected with a Democrat Congress like I proposed awhile back as a solution.

I’m listening to rap. I’m taking showers. I’m vaccinated.

Hip Hop!