Glenn Brewer graduated with Honors and a BFA in Fine Arts from the Columbus College of Art and Design. He has created illustrations for numerous companies and publications including TSR, Inc., Visionary Entertainment Studios, The New Orleans Tribune, Frost Illustrated, Tygeron Graphics and Unchained Spirit Enterprises, a children’s book publisher. Brewer is best known for the six-part comic series Askari Hodari, which he wrote, illustrated and published. Askari Hodari was nominated twice and eventually won the Howard E. Day Prize. Brewer also was nominated for a Glyph Award in the Best Self-Publisher category for his Askari Hodari series.

1.      Describe for our readers the most compelling art piece you have made?

The cover for the first issue of my Askari Hodari comic.  It's an image of a man with his arms crossed on his chest holding two guns.  Readers had different reactions to it.  Some were disgusted while others got it. However the felt initially, the cover intrigued them enough to take a chance and give the book a read.

2.     Tell us about your best, most successful, or most fulfilling art show?

I've never had work in a show but I did created a comic book series for kids called Paka and Shujaa back in 2008.  A public school in D.C. use the comics in a program to help kids with conflict resolution.  I was very proud!

3.    If you could work any other artists, alive or not, who would it be and why?

An American illustrator from the 1800s named Franklin Booth.  Booth had a pen technique that many mistook for etching.  He was a big influence on me.

4. How do you integrate art and politics or social justice issues?

I do this by always trying to put as many positive images of African-Americans as I can into the projects that I'm working on.