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Much of the news generated by those paid to represent us this week came in the form of the executive branch’s revolving door of staff. Some were fired, some were hired, and some are working with a guillotine blade hanging over them. As bad as the president’s cabinet and his advisors have been, it seems to be getting even worse. But we can all feel better knowing there’s a good chance the Democrats will pick up dozens of seats in November and make the country infinitesimally better.

Trump suddenly, though not unexpectedly, fired the unfortunately named Rex Tillerson. They had failed to see eye-to-eye on foreign policy for almost the entirety of Tillerson’s tenure. He was a little more measured and diplomatic than kneejerk Trump would have liked, and he was much more of an old school, fiscal Republican than a modern, far-right, neo-fascist Republican. Many celebrated Tillerson’s ouster, but he hadn’t caused much damage and his successor will be so much more dangerous. Tillerson didn’t start any wars or invade any new countries (such a novel thought), and he is to be replaced by CIA Director, Mike Pompeo. Pompeo is a pro-war, pro-torture, anti-privacy maniac who supports bombing Iran, destroying women’s rights, and hastening climate change. The Secretary of State should work to further human rights around the world, but he will just be yet another partner for the Secretary of Defense as the United States bombs children and opens new markets for big business. Since the days of FDR, foreign policy has focused on military excursions and the spread of laissez-faire capitalism. The world needs more people who will improve the lives of women, end climate change, rid the world of weapons, and expand access to quality education. That is not what we are getting in Pompeo.

Jeff Sessions wanted to keep the administration’s door spinning and fired Deputy FBI Director, Andrew McCabe. The firing came only two days before McCabe was eligible to retire and earn his full pension. The administration’s issues with McCabe date back to 2016 when he apparently withheld information about his investigation into Hillary Clinton (I threw up in my mouth yet again) and her emails. There are connections between McCabe and his wife and the Democratic establishment. It is entirely reasonable to believe the Clintons pressured or paid McCabe to help them in 2016. It is also reasonable to say the Clintons own a lot of people and this particular story is nothing more than accusations supported by coincidence. If McCabe did actively assist Hillary, he should have been fired and stripped of any and all benefits on the spot. If he didn’t, he should still have his job. Sessions timed this firing for maximum effect, both for the media and for McCabe himself. It drew plenty of attention and guaranteed McCabe embarrassment. It is not yet definitive what will happen to the FBI, but we know it is becoming increasingly politicized and this administration’s appointees are less and less qualified (or even sane).

The world is now faced with the possibility of John Bolton becoming National Security Advisor. He is the former Ambassador to the UN who received a recess appointment because not enough senators were crazy enough to vote for him. There is no doubt he will fit in well with the other far-right leaders because he strongly supports military action to satisfy America’s goals, and he cares nothing for anyone except white male Americans. His advice to the president will likely consist of “They don’t speak English. Bomb them,” and “Bomb them because nobody messes with the U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A.” Despite all of the speculation surrounding Bolton, H.R. McMaster hasn’t resigned or been fired yet. If it’s going to happen, I hope it’s soon so I don’t have to keep writing about personnel changes. Learning all these right-wing names and histories is making me dizzy.

I also hope policy proposals and legislation keep me from writing about the administration’s staff members. I would love to say the week’s national political news consists of radical legislation passed by the Congress, original ideas forwarded by candidates, and data showing how America is moving in the right direction. Recent poll numbers suggest I will have to quell my excitement. As things stand, the Democrats are likely to take over the Senate and at least make huge gains in the House in the midterms. Their impressive poll numbers are based on the fact they are not Trump supporters. They haven’t moved even a micron to the left, and they have a pathetic, 2016-esque approach to public policy. As they are now seeing that approach begin to work, they have no incentive to offer anything concrete with regards to legislation. The 2016 game plan is somehow working in 2018, so we are going to have at least two more years of treading water. Not being Trump doesn’t mean being better than Trump; the same way that Justin Bieber isn’t Christopher Cross, but they are both still overappreciated hacks. Everyone should remember the country’s current situation and see how much it has (or likely hasn’t) changed come 2020.

I would love to write more, but, as always, there is little of substance happening in the nation’s capital. As you read and watch other news outlets (which are all inferior toThe Columbus Free Press!), you will realize they are focused on Trump’s psyche, the Russia investigation, and mundane elections, polls, and voter turnouts. I won’t make you sit through pages of election data and inconsequential subpoenas. As this is an election year, I don’t envisage the situation improving over the next few weeks and months. Just sit tight and think about what can be done to improve America and the rest of the world outside of the dysfunction of politics.