Words Abolish ICE real big on a sign behind people protesting

The mood was not only to vote but to resist. A massive crowd filled the Ohio Statehouse capitol square on Saturday morning June 30, 2018 for the Families Stay Together rally. The demonstrators were of two minds. the majority, working on behalf of the Democratic Party to create a blue wave around the immigration issue and the others a plurality of activists who want to defy and resist the Trump administration and are calling for direct action, civil disobedience and some to make the United States ungovernable unless Trump backs off on his militaristic border tactics. Many of the latter forces called for the abolition of ICE and had chants involving "Melt ICE" and Crush ICE." 

The very diverse crowd listened to a number of speakers, many who were experiencing immigration issues, and the rally culminated in a march around the block. At the end intersection of Broad and High Streets some marchers shut down the roads for a short while. Police presence was minimal, the police were restrained in their reactions, and the march ultimately continued down West Broad Street to the ICE headquarters in the Leveque Lincoln tower.