Sign saying confront your racism

There’s a very controversial country music song "Try That In A Small Town" about policing that has been deemed having racist and lynching overtones.

Jeff Simpson, head of the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) said on his X account, "I hope this song goes to #1. The tolerant left is off the hook. People need to stand up and not be moved. Keep fighting for this country."

When another X user pushed back saying County Music Television has stopped the video because of the veiled references to lynching, Simpson replied, "Back in the day that was the penalty you got for doing really bad things. Today you get nothing." Simpson is the leader of 4000+ Central Ohio police officers and a Columbus Police Officer! 

After social media back-and-forth, Tim Myers, a current deputy chief with Columbus Police wrote "Jeff, if you think lynching is 'the penalty you got for really bad things' you really need to educate yourself," "This is unacceptable." The City of Columbus is investigating and a Columbus Police Black officer has filed an EEO complaint with the city about Simpson in regards to these racist comments. 

Please contact one or more of these numbers and demand accountability for this racist leadership:  Mayor Ginther - (614) 645-7671 or, Director Kate Pishotti-Department of Public Safety – 614-645-8210, City Attorney Zack Klein - 614-645-7385, Shannon Hardin, City Council President- or Chief of Staff Mike Brown (614) 645-5529, Columbus Public Health Commissioner - 614-645-7417 (Declared racism as a public health crisis!) 

To file a complaint of alleged officer misconduct or use of excessive force call (614) 645-9601 or go to  Read the Dispatch article here