For those of you who don’t know it, aftermath means: result, consequences, outcome, upshot, repercussion, and the after effects of an event or action. In other words…what happens after a thing occurs.

The aftermath of electing a Black President in America should come as no surprise to anyone. At least not to those who haven’t been wearing blinders to the fact that racism is and has been alive and well in America regardless of the outward appearances to the outside world and even they aren’t fooled.

The rise in the number of different hate groups in America has risen so much that, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, in 2012 the KKK chapters dropped from 221 to 152 in one year. Did you know that the Ohio-based Brotherhood of Klans was the second-largest Klan association in the country, with 38 chapters? And to think President Obama won Ohio electoral votes both times.

The increase in police brutality that has been turned into the “Stand your ground” law so that “law abiding citizens” can now kill African American teenagers who look “suspicious” and get away with it, the increase in denial of jobs and being the first laid off, and the continued refusals to provide excellent school education to our urban youth regardless of how much we pay in city/state taxes is a clear picture that shows our finally getting a “Black President” hasn’t been beneficial to the Black Race.

The University of Michigan at Ann Arbor saw a decline of admissions of African-American students by 33% between the years of 2006 and 2012 while their overall enrollment increased by 10%. Now the Supreme Court has upheld Michigan voter referendum that bans race-based admissions at state universities while neither affirming nor dismissing affirmative action. How many other states will “jump on the ban wagon” and how many minority students will now be unable to get into a university of their choice?

With the re-election of President Obama, an intelligent, well-spoken, educated, family oriented, respect his wife and loved his (white) mother, and don’t forget a “fine brother”, as President of the USA, of course there would be an aftermath. The aftermath is that African-Americans have achieved NOTHING!

It’s something to think about; now isn’t it?