Mom Bomb is the Sidekick to Supermoms
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Mom Bomb supports moms in need through a portion of proceeds from bath bomb product sales, along with generous donations. We would like to introduce our latest mom. Meet Jordan, a single mother who had recently lost her job and was desperate for childcare for her 3-year-old son. She did not want to have to pull her son out of daycare while she was searching for a new job or transitioning into her new position, as she did not have anyone else to take care of her son. Being a single parent is difficult enough on a daily basis. When an unexpected event occurs like losing a job, it really throws a wrench in things.

Jordan is a hardworking mother. When she had nowhere to turn, she reached out to Mom Bomb. We jumped in to help Jordan, as we understand that unstable cycle of trying to figure out how to secure a new job while trying to maintain a child in daycare without an income. We were able to connect with the daycare that Jordan’s son was already enrolled in. We asked to provide childcare services. We were able to help her with three full weeks of childcare for her son, taking a huge weight off of her shoulders while she settles into her new position. 

While Jordan provided the best she could for her son, she just needed a little extra helping hand to get back on stable footing while she was dealing with this unexpected life event. Jordan expressed her gratitude toward Mom Bomb. “Thank you so much, I really appreciate all of your help!” Here at Mom Bomb, this is what we strive for. We are grateful for everyone who has contributed to the Mom Bomb Organization to help mothers and families in need, helping us be the sidekick to many supermoms out there like Jordan. supports mothers in crisis by providing services such as meal delivery, laundry delivery, housecleaning and childcare. The organization is funded through proceeds from the sales of Mom Bomb products and donations.