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The Columbus Burlesque Collective is a community for local performers with respect for the art of burlesque, each other and no hierarchy. This is not a troupe. We each provide unique perspectives and talents to promote the art of burlesque.

The art form of burlesque, continues to surge through the counterculture and underground art movements, sometimes peeking it's head into mainstream with Dita Von Teese and misnomers like the recent film with Cher.


During the 40s, 50s and 60s, American cities were dotted with burlesque theaters, all receiving their share of performers – local and on the circuit. There were unions for the performers, contracts and promotions in the newspapers. The art of the tease – striptease – evolved from vaudeville. Hollywood made films about it (Lady of Burlesque with Barbara Stanwyck, and Gypsy with Natalie Wood) and Gypsy Rose Lee had a successful television talk show for a time too.


As television took a stronger grip on households, and audiences wanted more tit than titilation in their live shows, burlesque began to take a backseat for entertainment choices. The art form died out by the 1980s, killed by the more risque strip shows and pornography theaters.

In the mid-90s, on either coast, a resurgence began. The Velvet Hammer show in Los Angeles and the New York Titans of Tease: Dirty Martini, World Famous *BOB*, Julie Atlas Muz and Tigger began a shimmy that is shaking harder than ever today. Currently, there is barely a city in the world that doesn't have a burlesque scene. There are nearly 100 burlesque festivals and conventions worldwide and you can find a burlesque show every night of the week in major cities. Several documentary films, books, magazines, and about a million YouTube videos feature unique visions of burlesque.


Burlesque maintains the theme of accessible entertainment, available for low ticket prices. Performances can range from political messages, satire, comedy, circus, acrobatics, aerial, fire, professional dance, large props, incredible costuming, special effects, and a good old fashioned bump and grind or classic fan dance routine.

On the leading edge of the scene in Columbus, Ohio is The Columbus Burlesque Collective. It is a community for local performers with respect for the art of burlesque, each other and no hierarchy. It is not a troupe, rather they create community by joining together, with unique perspectives and talents to promote the art of burlesque.

One of the founders of the collective, Lady Monster (also our sex advice columnist) states, “Currently membership is free for anyone that would like to be part of the collective. We welcome all types of performers (burlesque, comedy, music, drag, theater, spoken word/poetry, performance art) to join this collective and be at one with our mission of community, positivity, love, respect, creativity and joy - for the art of burlesque. Be passionately involved as a performer, with integrity and a drive to succeed. We are all individual artists, working hard to achieve success, but join the collective for support in our endeavors with like-minded and intended performers. Most cities across the country have a burlesque community, and many are adopting the idea of a collective. The collective provides a respectful haven, to bolster creativity and expression within the community. Most of our members identify as queer, all of our members identify as allies. We welcome all races, genders, ages, sizes and LGBTIQ identified persons.”

In exciting local burlesque news, the performer Miss Theresa has earned a place in the most prestigious burlesque festival in the world – The Burlesque Hall of Fame. She is the first Ohio-based performer to be part of this weekend – in 24 years. She will be performing as part of the Movers, Shakers and Innovators Showcase people to be aware of in the worldwide burlesque community. Hundreds of applications were received, but only she and 12 others will perform on this evening. Miss Theresa will be performing at The Orleans Casino and Resort in Las Vegas on Thursday, June 5, 2014 as part of the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender – an annual event attended by thousands of international industry professionals, fans and media.


All festivals and competitions have a rigorous application process. It is an honor to be chosen over hundreds of our burlesque peers as a worthy performer at these events.


Miss Theresa is traveling fast to becoming a well-known, nationally established burlesque performer and costume designer. She has also been accepted to perform at a number of burlesque festivals, competitions and events across the country. Miss Theresa has performed at the following burlesque festivals in the past 12 months: Las Vegas Burlesque Festival, Vermont Burlesque Festival, Fierce Queer Burlesque Festival, and now Burlesque Hall of Fame. She recently received 2nd place for the Burly-Picks Ohio competition that took place at Wall Street Night Club on March 29th. She has also been accepted to perform at the Colorado Burlesque Festival in July, the Ohio Burlesque Festival in Cleveland in August, and hired to perform in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Las Vegas and Denver for other burlesque events.


Lady Monster has been accepted to perform at Fierce Queer Burlesque Festival, New York Burlesque Festival,Texas Burlesque Festival, Windy City Burlesque Festival and Burly-Picks Kentucky competition – just this year, among appearing at several events locally and around the country.

The current members of the collective are stalwarts of the performance community and each provide unique talents and perspectives.

  • Lady Monster - A Queen of the Fire Tassels - International Star of stage, screen, print, music and more. She is also a syndicated sex advice columnist.

  • Kitty Mystique - co-Founder of Kinky Kitty Cabaret, performer with Black Market Belly Dance. She is known for candle and fire performances, and will soon be available as a snake charmer again.

  • Miss Theresa - Venus in Furs in the Flesh - Burlesque, Costume Artist, Dominatrix, Model

  • Krista Kitty - Founder of The Ooh La Las Burlesque Troupe, producer of Circus of Cool, entertainment committee of Community Festival.

  • Roman and JenniferProfessional Ballroom dancers turned sensual dance artists. They have taught and competed across the country with ballroom and are now gracing art galleries on the walls and floors with their unique style of intimate dance.

  • Trulie Scrumptiousnamed Third in the Top 10 Local Artists of 2013 in the reader’s poll, producer of The Trulie Awesome Show, member of The Ooh La Las Burlesque troupe, and is a fashion designer for Trauma and the Alternative Fashion show.

  • Madam Ofeelya Redd is a veteran performer, focusing on the theater and more recently combining singing with burlesque.

  • Pandora Foxx - Co-Founder and Choreography Director of Crimson Lace Cabaret. Classically trained dancer, Burlesque performer and entertainer.

  • MONDOof The Electro-Cult Circus and The Skitzo Show is our loveable MC.

More members continue to be added to the Columbus Burlesque Collective, and members are featured at two different monthly performance events:

- It’s BOOB Thirty takes place on the Third Friday at Ace of Cups from 7:30 – 8:30pm. It is a free show. The next event is May 16th.

- Hump-N-Grind takes place on the Second Wednesday at The Patio and The Basement in the Continent from 8:30 – 10:00pm. It is a free show. The next event is May 7th .

You can find out more about the Columbus Burlesque Collective at:




photo credit Chas Krider