Cartoonish image of cheating husband

Homebound Entrepreneurs Against DeWines’ final TV ad buy aims to tell conservative voters the juicy truth about Justice Pat DeWine’s two messy divorces


As the general election season wraps up, Homebound Entrepreneurs Against DeWines is putting one final political ad “Hot for RINOs” on Fox News outlets around Ohio today, including in Cleveland and Dayton. The ad mocks the style of 1990s late night ads and features the vocal talents of comedian/podcaster Amber Nelson.

In the original ad “Hot for RINOs” that was released earlier in September, the PAC first called out Justice DeWine for his alleged “adultery” against both of his ex-wives. According to The Cincinnati Enquirer, DeWine “left his first wife for another woman around the time his third son was born.” His infidelity likely cost him the Republican congressional primary back in 2005.

However, after DeWine was elected to the Ohio Supreme Court, his second wife also “filed for divorce… Accusing her husband of ‘adultery, extreme cruelty and gross neglect of duty,’'' according to in 2019. The divorces are starting to come up during Pat’s campaign this year, even on his financial disclosure forms, where both his ex-wife and mistress are listed.

“We’re putting our ad on Fox News stations around Ohio to let conservative voters know the juicy truth about Pat DeWine,” said former Libertarian candidate for governor Travis Irvine, who is the PAC’s treasurer and ran against Pat’s dad in 2018. “Pat didn’t show any of the ‘judicial restraint’ he’s supposedly known for when it came to his marriages or affairs with colleagues.”

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