Guy with hand on Bible saying I solemnly swear to cheat on all my wives

Homebound Entrepreneurs Against DeWines takes on Justice Pat DeWine for his alleged adultery and two messy divorces


To spice up the general election season, the anti-DeWine PAC Homebound Entrepreneurs Against DeWines has finally released a more straightforward political ad called “Cheating Pat DeWine,” which takes aim at Governor Mike DeWine’s son, Ohio Supreme Court Justice Pat DeWine, who is running for re-election this year.

In a previous ad released in September called “Meet The DeSwines,” the PAC first called out Justice DeWine for his alleged “adultery” against both of his ex-wives. According to The Cincinnati Enquirer, DeWine “left his first wife for another woman around the time his third son was born.” His infidelity likely cost him the Republican congressional primary back in 2005.

However, after DeWine was elected to the Ohio Supreme Court in 2016, his second wife also “filed for divorce… Accusing her husband of ‘adultery, extreme cruelty and gross neglect of duty,’'' according to The divorces should leave voters wondering –– if DeWine can’t keep an oath to either of his ex-wives, can he keep an oath to uphold Ohio’s Constitution?

“We don’t need The DeWine Crime Family making a mess in two out of Ohio’s three branches of government,” said former Libertarian candidate for governor Travis Irvine, who is the PAC’s treasurer and ran against Pat’s dad in 2018. “Pat DeWine has been a stain on the very institution of the Ohio Supreme Court for far too long and it’s time for him to stop leaving any more stains.”

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