In its final ad of the election season, Homebound Entrepreneurs Against DeWines goes after Republican Governor Mike DeWine for ruling over Ohioans with a “tiny fist”
Dewine face

To keep the general election season entertaining, the anti-DeWine PAC Homebound Entrepreneurs Against DeWines has released its final quirky political ad of the election season called “Everybody Hates Mike,” a 1950s-style jingle that takes on Governor Mike DeWine for ruling over Ohioans like a “tiny tyrant who no one likes.”

Referencing the classic “I Like Ike” jingle from Dwight D. Eisenhower’s presidential campaign, “Everybody Hates Mike” acknowledges that while DeWine may be ahead in the polls, the majority of voters –– in both parties –– still don’t like him. In Ohio’s primary, more than half of the Republican voters rejected DeWine, while Democrats are upset about his extremist policies.

With a nod to the political caricature from the PAC’s ad “Meet Mike DeSwine” this spring, the new jingle in “Everybody Hates Mike” encourages all Ohioans to not forget about DeWine’s feckless record as Governor. From gas taxes, economic mandates and a historic bribery scandal, DeWine’s integrity comes more into question with voters across the political spectrum every day.

“I want to thank the talented musicians who helped us call out Ohio’s ‘tiny tyrant’ and remind voters that Mike DeWine is more disliked within each of Ohio’s political parties than liked,” said former Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Travis Irvine, who is the PAC’s treasurer and ran against DeWine in 2018. “It’s time for Ohioans to join together to #EndTheDeWynasty in 2022.”

As was the case in 2018, Irvine is joining a growing movement of conservative Ohio voters who also refuse to vote for Governor Dewine in the upcoming general election this November.

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