Homebound Entrepreneurs Against DeWines laments Election Day victories by Mike and Pat DeWine, plans to stay active during their second terms

As the general election season finally wraps up, the anti-DeWine PAC Homebound Entrepreneurs Against DeWines has announced that while they lament the recent victories of Governor Mike DeWine and his son –– Ohio Supreme Court Justice Pat DeWine –– the group has vowed to keep holding the DeWines accountable.

With just around $3,000, the PAC’s quirky content reached hundreds of thousands of voters during the course of Ohio’s primary and general elections this year. Its ads were seen by over 4,000 Fox News viewers, 30,000 YouTube users and heard by over 40,000 talk radio listeners, all while its online content reached over 34,000 people on Facebook and over 312,000 on Twitter.

The PAC’s ads also featured some of the biggest names in comedy, such as Trae Crowder, James Adomian, Ben Kissel, Corinne Fisher and more. With the support of Libertarians, Democrats and anti-DeWine Republicans, the group was also seen by thousands of voters in parades around Central Ohio, with one appearance resulting in a TikTok video that got over 232,000 views.

Above all, the PAC again emphasized that whatever a person’s politics, it is not normal for one family to run two out of three branches of government in Ohio. Considering Mike’s involvement in the historic HB6 bribery scandal and Pat’s multiple scandals involving his personal life, it’s clear that The DeWine Crime Family’s integrity should be questioned more and more every day.

“I was proud to lead this multi-partisan alliance to once again take on corrupt Republicans this election cycle,” said former Libertarian candidate for governor Travis Irvine, who is the PAC’s treasurer and ran against Mike DeWine in 2018. “We don’t need The DeWine Crime Family in charge of two out of Ohio’s three branches of government and acting like they’re above the law.”

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