Looking out a window of women sleeping on the ground

Esther's Corner

Grace takes a whole new meaning in the Ghetto. Grace as a noun is an elegant movement like the butterflies that fly around our garden. Grace is a courteous expression of thankfulness by saying a prayer for a meal you are about to eat and taking communion. The biblical meaning of grace is the unmerited favor of God towards humanity. Grace is also an extended period for a special favor either to pay a loan or enter a recovery site to avoid going to jail. Grace as a verb is to do honor by one’s presence.

Try working with a crowd of women who only do what they can to survive. It is Feast or Famine in the ghetto. Some have an entitlement mentality while others are appreciative. One way or another Grace is seen at our Drop-In Center. Tough love has boundaries and some don’t like it. People who suffer from substance abuse disorders are manipulative and charming. I have become a mother to misfits. Yet as it is frustrating it is also rewarding. Meeting and communicating with women and men who are no longer on the streets and sober is worth all the sacrifices I have made. The Love Drop-In Center has been an eye-opening and a learning experience. We meet in places that people don't want to visit especially at night time. I am grateful for the volunteers and supporters that help us keep our doors open.

Working and living in the ghetto has its drawbacks and its comebacks through the power of love.  August 31st was the overdose awareness day. It is so unfortunate our overdose rates are much higher than last year. Advocacy has its challenges but it has paid off. Persistence leads to victory in the war on drugs and human trafficking. Unfortunately, the recycled ineffective strategies has fueled the fatal overdoses. Last week in Franklin County there were 108 overdoses and 20 overdoses. We need safe places like Drop-In Centers in the 4 epicenters for women and men and see Love Save Lives. Hurting folks need compassionate and faithful folks to work with so grace can abound. Peace and Grace be unto you and loved ones. 

Volunteer Training!
If you or someone you know would like to join the Love Warriors by becoming a volunteer, email Esther at We will have our next volunteer training on Tuesday September 28th at 8pm via zoom. Check our Facebook for the link. 

Let us know if you can join! You can also join the Love Warriors by donating to our cause at! Join the Love Warriors today! We also need ladies pants and leggings size 0-10 and the following items: 
Nonperishable food
Cases of water
Soft snack bars
Women's walking shoes
NEW ankle socks and underwear
Gently used purses and backpacks

Thank you for your interest and support to 1DivineLine2Health. Our local mission is to end human trafficking through collaborative and grassroots efforts on the streets and in legislature. Our overall mission is to eliminate human suffering locally and globally.
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