Two men one in front with dreds sticking up off his head and a bright blue mask and a guy behind him with a camouflage mask

Ready Player Oneis based somewhere in Columbus, Ohio during the year 2045 and is directed by Steven Spielberg.

Steven Spielberg began his career directing Rod Serling's “Night Gallery,” a late 60's-Early 70's show after Twilight Zone. Night Gallery is actually more unsettling than Twilight Zone. I feel like Spielberg's films like Gremlins and Back the Future figured out how to tweak Rod Serling's surreal, and supernatural feel into mainstream family accessible blockbusters. Spielberg directed the Twilight Zone movie in 1983.g the life and enduring legacy of

What does Columbus, Ohio look like in 2045? Somewhere between watching video games at your friend's house, the industrialized graffiti coated districts near the East River in Williamsburg, the junk yard near Frank Road and a nightclub. Essentially Ready Player One is Night Gallery meets Avatar. Ready Player One is a Major Motion Picture being shown around Columbus Movie Theaters

My Lazy Earth Day Future

While Columbus will become the next city of the future and boasts a hip, bustling population; I find myself really impressed by one thing I would've never predicted for our Ohio's largest city. I used to want to take the trash out, and had this hope of recycling. The problem is my busy schedule often made me forget what day recycling was picked up. This often resulted in me burning my trash in park which also forced me stomp the fire out with my sneakers.

Worry Not Again! The future is now. The City of Columbus will email you and remind garbage trucks will retrieve your recyclables. Just visit:

Whenever I receive my email reminding me my recycling will be sent to ecological reincarnation, I feel like live I in Copenhagen, San Francisco or even KwaZulu-Natal's most vibrant metropolis.

 Rumba Cafe: Soccer Mommy 4/26 

Do you ever listen to singer-songwriters, and wonder when they decide to mic to the acoustic sounds of their hands moving around the frets? The implies you can make it through a singer-song writer’s first song. I listened to Soccer Mommy's Fat Possum debut album Clean in its entirety. 

If a singer-songwriter doesn't instantly irritate you then they probably will genuinely connect with the humanity within. Like most singer-songwriters who resonate, this “Clean” record is a really tender intimate recording that expresses love and insecurities. I made it through the whole album without becoming irritated or asking myself why exactly I was listening to it. The 22-year-old singer is playing Rumba on April 26 before hitting the road with Liz Phair.

Ace of Cups: Ho99o9 on April 16

Upon my first listen to Jersey's Ho99o9 I couldn't help but think about the Tyler, the Creator song “Kill People, Burn Shit and Fuck School.” While in my adulthood, my tactics are “Treat people with warmth/Check your ecological informative email/I dropped out college a long time ago and just heard Polyester Bride respectfully last month.”

I can't help to admit that I would like rebellious energy if I wasn't in the process of just watching the Republican Party fight with many American institutions and hoping the iconography of people like A$ap Rocky standing in front of American flags will translate into some long term redefinition of “America.” Then I realized if the Republican party and the FBI want to fight each other; a punk band yelling “fuck the police” probably won't get in the way of that. 

Their album United States of Horrors sounds like if the industrial rap concept of Consolidated could ride a Ministry beat into Lil John refrains. If you like Bad Brains, Odd Future, Death Grips then you probably would want to watch Ho99o9.

MLK:  50 Years Later

April brings the 50 year anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.. The King Arts Complex has a series of events around town from April 10-14th to commemorate Dr. King's legacy.  I recently borrowed The Night James Brown Saved Boston DVD from the Columbus Public Library.  Boston's mayor had televised a James Brown concert to prevent civil unrest the night of King's Assassination. 

The movie is an interesting study in how entertainers and politicians interact and how interactions with politicians change artists. One can't help but to notice the assassinations of MLK Jr. and Robert Kennedy left the door open for the Nixon administration to exist. For more info about MLK: 50 Years Later:

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