Words 5G with street scene with cars and a cell tower

We love our cell phones. So, what I am about to tell you might be upsetting. Just because you cannot see it, does not mean that exposure to electromagnetic frequencies come without risk. Children love them so much they sleep with them on, under their pillows at night, a practice parents might want to end, as a growing body of evidence suggests doing so poses an immediate danger to the small growing brains of our children whose skulls are thinner. The smaller the human, the greater the risk. 

No doubt. What would we do without our wireless devices? The entire world is at our fingertips with cell phones and the internet. With 5G it is now promised, we will be able to download films off the internet in just seconds. This sounds more like an enticement. A more informed public is now asking, “what is it worth to be able to download a movie from the Internet in just 3.6 seconds when the health risks outweigh the enticement? Industry claims trotted out to an unsuspecting public, attempt to sell wireless users to the alleged advantages of 5G in our neighborhoods. The enticement of becoming a measurable member of the “smart Internet of things” is going over with a loud thud. Industry claims have left the public unconvinced of the great 5G promise. Will it really improve our quality of life here? 

In March 2017, seventeen Central Ohio Cities, Bexley, Canal Winchester, Columbus, Dublin, Delaware, Gahanna, Grandview Heights, Grove City, Hilliard, New Albany, Pickerington, Powell, Reynoldsburg, Upper Arlington, Westerville, Whitehall and Worthington, all filed lawsuits to stop the proliferation of 5G cell towers in their municipalities. These lawsuits resulted in Ohio HB 478 passed in April of 2018, enacted as a compromise with the cities that filed the lawsuits, but did nothing to stop the 5G rollout. HB 478 only gives municipalities the ability to regulate only the placement and appearance of small-cell technology that will be fastened to traffic lights, utility poles, street signs and other public structures that provide connectivity for cellphones and other wireless devices. Municipal leadership complain that their hands are tied, being federally forced to accept the 5G deployment, bullied into accepting this “Internet of Things” and all the high tech and bad science that goes with it. This legislative so-called compromise still forces small cell technology on Central Ohioans, without consideration to public health.

Too many doubts about 5G remain. Telecommunications industry funding for research on electromagnetic frequency’s effects on human cell tissue was shut down in 1986 with no industry studies being conducted since according to Martin Pall, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences at Washington State University. Further industry studies were shot down in 1994, and then again in 1998. Why? The answers to these questions should raise concern and doubt in the wisdom of a hasty 5G rollout in Central Ohio.  Added, related concerns are raised with the rapid deployment of smart electric meters throughout Central Ohio. 5G will integrate with smart meters by turning the wiring in your home, essentially into a pulsing 5G antennae, pulsing at 6-100GHz. Columbus communities experiencing small cell 5G installations in their neighborhoods, may find this combination of technology to be too much of a health concern and too great a leap of faith to simply take lying down. In fact, more and more communities across the nation are rejecting the 5G rollout due to health concerns, mainly that pulsing millimeter wave EMF radiation causes cancer, which has been revealed in independent studies.

While the FCC and the telecom industry place a rush on the rollout, they ignore an alarming and rapidly growing body of evidence that suggests 5G poses an immediate danger to public health because of small cell tower pulsed EMF radiation. It gets worse. The 5G infrastructure will be ubiquitous and invasive to our privacy as well, we are warned. Many fourth amendment advocates are voicing alarm at the extreme level of invasion to our privacy in our own homes as we are forced to become the smart Internet of things. Will we become the Internet of People? Privacy and fourth amendment rights advocates are increasingly alarmed at the prospect of no privacy in their own homes. They also ask, how vulnerable is such a system to being hacked?

These 5G towers will be everywhere in what the industry calls 5G phased array densification, which will install densely packed 5G towers every 500 feet or so.  These arrays continuously pulse anywhere from 9,600 to 190,000 times per day, operating at between 24-100 GHz, 24/7. Why densely pack these towers on our streets? Because the 5G pulsed wave is very short, not much more than a millimeter, necessitating the pulsed EMF be boosted over shorter distances. Health experts say, unlike the longer wave EMF of 2G, 3G and 4G, these short mm 5G waves behave entirely different, penetrating the skin subthermally. The telecommunications industry has claimed 5G penetrates the skin no more than only a centimeter. However, independent studies in India and Europe for example, have found this millimeter microwave radiation goes deeper into tissue than claimed by the industry, doing far more than just heat living tissue. These studies also indicate damage to human tissue fromk this pulsing microwave radiation is cumulative and permanent.

Radiation absorption studies have shown EMF waves to have effects deep in the brain;  they can impact the heart, the hormonal systems of the body and interfere with the healthy function of our sweat glands. The body’s ability to utilize calcium in the blood in interrupted. These short millimeter waves can cause neurological disorders, brain cancer, lymphoma and tinnitus. The most damning evidence in independent studies show that 5G is able to destroy mitochondrial DNA, resulting in cancer. Exposure to EMF is also associated with insomnia, fatigue, headache, lack of concentration and cognitive dysfunction, anxiety, stress, agitation and memory loss. Furthermore, the damaging health impacts of pulsing electromagnetic fields is cumulative. The more one is exposed to it, the more one suffers permanent health damage. As for little people, smaller people, our children, a shorter wavelength has more impact on a smaller body, much more so than for adults. 

In 2011, even the World Health Organization named non-ionizing radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as carcinogenic to humans, giving it a telecommunications industry-placating, class 2B “possible carginogen” rating. This conclusion was based on an increased risk for glioma, a malignant type of brain cancer, associated with wireless phone use. 

As more becomes known about the dangers to human cell tissue and mitochondrial DNA that EMF fields pose, one cannot help but ask why in the world was the public health not considered by Tom Wheeler and Ajit Pai’s FCC in their hasty, big telco-appeasing decisions surrounding the not-so-well-thought-out, rollout of 5G? Especially now that growing numbers of local municipalities and city councils are questioning why big telco is increasing pressure on their local communities to build out this infrastructure of untested technology in their communities. 

Other studies have shown that living anywhere from three hundred to a thousand feet from a regular cell phone tower has adverse health effects. So one must ask, what will be the effect of 5G small cell tower, short millimeter wave EMF radiation right outside our doors? Big telco’s FCC and their hasty actions may soon prove too high a risk to a public bombarded with 24/7 pulsing millimeter wave EMF exposure from 5G small cell towers. This burgeoning 5G infrastructure is planned from town to town and sea to shining sea, for an Internet of things we should not necessarily be so happily embracing.

There are a growing number of alarmed citizens who now realize they are being forced to live in a thickening, continuously pulsing microwave soup. Cancer clusters of certain types of leukemia, brain tumors and severe depression have been associated with the proximity to cell phone towers. Not just our kids, but police, firefighters, medical staff, TSA workers and those who spend too much time on their cell phones, are particularly exposed to the dangers. It has been warned of apartment dwellers who live with a large bay of smart meters outside their bedroom windows, that they may become inexplicibly ill. With the 5G used in concert with these smart meters, life may become unlivable in some situations. There have even been cases that led to to suicides from the complications of simply living on the other side of a wall to a bank of pulsing smart meters. Imagine going to the doctor because of mysterious health problems, like headaches, insomnia, nervous system disorders, fatigue, or perhaps a resulting mental collapse that leads to suicide if the problem is not caught. The person may be told the problem is all in their head. The prescriptions are written but the health problems persist, becoming infinitely worse without remedy. Those affected may develop insomnia, headaches but worse, cancer. 

Is 5G a Trojan Horse for the Internet of things? It is not lost on some investigators that the frequencies emitted by small cell, from 9600 to 100 GHz, are precisely the same frequencies used by the military for their non-lethal weapons such as Active Denial Systems, intended for use in crowd dispersal and deployed during the Iraq War. In fact, 5G was originally designed and deployed as a weapon system. That should be more than enough to give any wireless user, pause to question why 5G is being so aggressively deployed on their street. 

So far, the industry resists the ever-increasing local resistance to the rollout of 5G. In 2017, some central Ohio communities asked, “why the rush?”, pushing back but barely impeding a hasty 5G rollout . The FCC fought back with a 2018 ruling, eliminating the red tape of application slow downs and rollout inertia by city inspection processes, making some small cell deployments no longer subject to federal review. In the end however, the fight between municipalities versus state and federal authority may prove to be unwinnable for municipalities, the public and big telco, as public outcry over both health and financial concerns grow.

Other American communities are fighting back. The city of San Jose is battling at the federal and state level, lobbying to block policies they consider a handout to cellphone companies because they would limit the fees the carriers can be charged to install and operate small cell towers. Local resistance to 5G is felt also in Eugene, Oregon and Tacoma, Washington where the 5G rollout has drawn protests and public outcry; in Portland Oregon the Mayor has sued the FCC over their orders limiting what local governments can charge phone companies to install equipment that powers the 5G service, and in the wealthy Silicon Valley city of Mill Valley, CA, the city council voted unanimously to ban the installation of new cell towers after being overwhelmed with resident’s concerns over health issues, particularly that small cell tower 5G EMF radiation causes cancer. Consider here that the people who live in wealthy Mill Valley likely work in Silicon Valley. These are people perhaps even to have worked closely in the development of this technology. The question then becomes, what do the residents of Mill Valley know, that the general public has not been informed of regarding the dangers of 5G?

Martin Pall, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences at Washington State University predicts BRAIN DEATH across all of society will occur within five to seven years! That is quite a claim and one we should take seriously now. 

The public is asking how the FCC could be so irresponsible, hastily rolling out a technology that poses a serious risk to public health without independent studies? The independent studies that have been done since 1986 reveal this technology to be, in fact, dangerous. Principia Scientific International reports that more than 26 thousand scientists have submitted a petition to the UN, WHO, EU, Council of Europe and governments of all nations, opposing the rollout of 5G. Brussels Belgium recently banned their 5G rollout. Céline Fremault, the Minister of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region states, “the people of Brussels are not guinea pigs whose health I can sell at a profit.”  Will other European cities soon follow suit? American cities? There is a growing consensus that they should immediately halt the 5G rollout.

Cell phone manufacturers themselves, like Vodaphone, Verizon, T-mobile and AT&T, openly admit to their stock market analysts that they are exposed to increasing litigation due to adverse health effects to customers caused by cell phone usage, stating that this could affect the value of their stock. This litigation is based on 2,3, and 4G cell phone usage. So, will cancers skyrocket with the millimeter wave, small cell 5G rollout? 

You can bet insurance companies are aware of the risks involved. Numerous prominent insurers maintain policy exclusions for health risks due to non-ionizing radiation from cell towers or cell phone use. Most notably, Lloyd’s of London refuses to cover the risk. If Lloyd’s of London won’t insure against health risks caused by cell phone towers or cell phone usage, shouldn’t we slow down or halt the rollout of the 5G infrastructure in our communities if it puts the public health at risk? Logic would dictate a higher standard to protect public safety by the FCC should be upheld. Further, shouldn’t we be more cautious with our own use of these wireless devices in our everyday lives, especially considering the rollout of 5G and smart meters on our homes? 

So, what are some of the little things one can do to decrease exposure to EMF from cell phone use and pulsing EMF radiation from small cell? It has been suggested not to sleep with your cell phone under your pillow or even in your bedroom at night.  While you sleep and while you carry it with you leave it in airplane mode. Turn off your modem at night to stop the pulsing microwave bombardment while you sleep, especially if it is located in your bedroom. Don’t carry your cell phone in a bra or pants pocket in close proximity to your vital organs. Utilize an EMF protection sleeve for your phone. When using a mobile device like a laptop or tablet on a wireless network other than in your home, download the needed files and work offline. When you are using your phone do not spend too much time on a call and avoid putting the phone next to your head, going hands-free instead by using the speakerphone. It is also suggested not to live from within three hundred to a thousand feet of any cell phone tower. 

That’s all great advice, but the installment of small cell 5G towers will take that choice away from us, putting a majority of us to within that proximity—right outside our doorstep. In the meantime more and more wireless users are asking, is 5G worth risking our health, our lives, or our privacy? Many now think the FCC needs to rethink and roll back the hastily deployed 5G rollout. More and more concerned people are asking for an altogether halt to the deployment of this technology.  That may prove difficult as the aggressive federal mandates forced on communities and financed by big telco’s massive market power, wields it’s might to get it’s way. Meanwhile the FCC and big telco keep telling us that if you can’t see it it won’t hurt you, forcing it’s will on a mostly unsuspecting public.