Sign saying VIctoria's Secret is funding genocide

On Black Friday, protestors entered the Victoria’s Secret store at the Easton Mall chanting “Free Palestine!” The group of protestors say they have launched a campaign targeting the store because of its strong business relationship with the Israeli company Delta Galil. Protestors say they want Victoria’s Secret to cut its contracts with Delta Galil and all Israeli companies who, they say, are funding the IDF. 

The group were removed from the Easton Center Mall property as police arrived and told they could not return to the mall. 

One protestor said, “With the ongoing war crimes committed by the state of Israel we need companies like Victoria’s Secret to stand against genocide and ethnic cleansing and make more ethical business choices. We are calling on the company to cut its ties with the state of Israel.” 

Members of local groups and individuals including those from the OSU Students for Justice in Palestine, SJP group have joined the global call for a cease fire. Member Jineen Musa stated, "We are demanding an immediate ceasefire amid an unfolding genocide. A mere four-day humanitarian pause does not suffice. You cannot pause genocide. We condemn the brutal Israeli military occupation and call for an end to America’s complicity funded by our tax dollars. Highlighting Victoria's Secret’s ties to Israel and its role in funding violence, we call on the company to cut connections with Delta Galil. A resolute boycott is not just suggested but mandated until Victoria's Secret unequivocally cuts ties from Israel."