Movie poster with words Black Sabbath the end of the end and them playing in their band on stage in front of a crowd

Once had friend tell me he could not stand to hear Black Sabbath albums, covered sampled or remixed, because they were perfect. Now, I love Black Sabbath as much. However, growing up writing graffiti, you embraced Black Sabbath aura.

Obviously this is the most dominant aesthetic in music. 

My friend’s sentiment had a valid point.

Jack White and the Black Keys are both examples of how difficult it is to filter the blues and gospel into rock in roll without sounding like a complete cornball. My assumption regarding the mediocre current state of mainstream rock music is that most people who want to start bands probably haven’t gone thru the processes that Jack White or the Black Keys have so they just can’t…. we know Black Sabbath is amazing. How is the movie?

Well, the best way I can explain is this: Ozzy Osborne obviously is most famous member of Black Sabbath. Black Sabbath is where the antics that made Ozzy a reality show spectacle are removed, and he is known more for important artistry.

This documentary is for the fans that want to enjoy the high quality of the group they love. It’s a film of mutual respect.

This documentary differs from Mick Wall’s book Black Sabbath: A Symptom of the Universe because you don’t see the infighting that almost tanked Black Sabbath as a franchise.  You hear nothing about the band ousting Ozzy because they viewed him as a lush. Nor do you hear about his wife Sharon Osborne’s efforts to boost Ozzy and then eventually regain his prominence within the group.

This documentary is the ideals, and feels. As Tony Iommi states about the 2017 importance of original content of Black Sabbath’s Anthems: “Those Thoughts. Stand up. I think about social stuff. Same things are still going on now. War Pigs Is Anti-War. There is a lot of song about climate change. Drug Addiction. Mental Illness. All Kinds of things we wrote around are relevant today.”

Black Sabbath: The End of the End
The Gateway Film Center
Marcus Film Center
September 28th 7pm.