Celebrating 45 years of the Free Press

An uneasy but hopeful 2015 unfolds as we celebrate The Free Press’ 45th year. We began as an underground OSU campus-based newspaper in October 1970 by activists enraged over the Kent State killings and the senseless Vietnam War. The Free Press has gone through many iterations over the years as a publication and website. Though we’ve always struggled with funding, we’re trying to publish this newspaper twice a month in 2015. If you have a business or service you’d like to promote, please contact our ad sales staff to help support our mission – to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.

Obama’s left turn: too little, too late?

Looks like Obama has grown a spine at the last minute, knowing he’s a lame duck in his last two years. The president lifted the embargo and recognized Cuba, announced he will veto the Keystone pipeline, changed the enforcement of immigration laws, wants college education to be free….what’s up? He’s finally doing the things the majority twice elected him to do. Maybe next he’ll free Leonard Peltier.

Don’t Gintherize Columbus!

The city was “stunned” by Mayor Coleman’s announcement that he is stepping down as “mayor for life” but it wasn’t much of a surprise to The Free Press. He was out front on two big initiatives this past year and failed to deliver for the Titans – the Columbus school levy and zoo levy were overwhelmingly defeated by the voters. Unfortunately his move may not bode well for the city, because the Democratic Party machine is already geared up to anoint City Council President Andy Ginther as mayor. Ginther – the man who covered up the data scrubbing scandal when on the Columbus School Board, the man who brought us closed door City Council meetings, and the man who believes the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) matters most. Please don’t let them Gintherize Columbus! Let’s see some different names on the ballot for mayor this year and a real discussion of issues. Andy has always been ambitious in search of appointed and anointed positions. He’s Michael Coleman without the charm.

Buckeye quarterback makes the New York Times

Finally, Buckeye football makes page one of the New York Times. In the December 31, 2014 Times, a Twitter message from Cardale Jones, OSU’s third string quarterback was reprinted in the paper of record: “Why should we have to go to class if we came here to play FOOTBALL, we ain’t come to play SCHOOL, classes are POINTLESS”. Of course the Times pointed out that Jones tweeted his message “after taking a sociology exam.”

Tell us your police brutality story

 The public is invited to a hearing to tell their stories of police violence and abuse. The event will happen Monday, January 19 at the First AME Church, 873 Bryden Rd. (18th and Bryden) right after the alternative Martin Luther King breakfast. The citizens will have five minutes to give under oath testimony that will be documented by a court reporter and sign affidavits notarized by attorneys. Sponsored by the Police Officers for Equal Rights, The Free Press, and the Columbus Action Network. The outcome of the event will be to bring to light unacceptable police practices in the city.

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