Movie poster from White Boy Rick with a photo of mostly black gangsters and a young white boy with an older man's white face superimposed on top of his (Richard Cordray's face) and the words White Boy Rick with the k turned into an H to say White Boy Rich

White Boy Rich

Now it all makes sense. In 1992 I ran against John Kasich in Ohio’s 12th Congressional District. Everyone told me Kasich liked to smoke a little dope, and later Roger Stone would finger him as the man who was kicked out of the 1976 Reagan campaign for selling pot to the field staff.

Also running that year was Richard Cordray. You wouldn’t think about approaching Rich for a blunt, let alone a three-finger lid of primo bud.

But apparently I had it all wrong.

Ohio Attorney General and Republican governor wannabe Mike DeWine set me straight. Heretofore I will only call Richard Cordray by his street name – White Boy Rich.

This is what I learned from a DeWine commercial. Cordray, raised on the mean streets of Grove City, headed a huge cartel beginning at Grove City High School. White Boy Rich was smart enough to throw the DEA off his trail by joining the high school quiz team and working a minimum wage job at Mickey-D’s. All the time, building his southside suburban drug empire.

DeWine exposed White Boy Rich’s plot to dose and kill at least 10,000 central Ohioans with fentanyl and Rich got an armed gang slinging heroin for him on virtually every street corner in Cbus. I grew up in Detroit and spent the 80s on the lower east side, so I know about these things. I’ve been noticing the “WBR” tag all over the southside as well as over on Main Street.

Here’s my theory how DeWine was able to bust out WBR. First DeWine cozied up and did a lot of political favors for the Big Pharmies. They, as the biggest drug dealers in the world with their own prescription heroin going by the name oxycodone, were willing to snitch out White Boy Rich because he was tagging Pharmy territory (which is basically everywhere in the United States).

Then DeWine took a ton of money from the Pharmies to put out the commercials to point out how White Boy Rich is more of a menace to society than Scarface. It gives me the chills to think I shared a podium with this infamous criminal. Thank you, Mike DeWine.

Cyber Vulnerabilities

There’s a brand new report out entitled “Def Con 26 Voting Village” looking at “Cyber Vulnerabilities in U.S. Election Equipment, Databases and Infrastructure.” Researchers, including the legendary Harri Hursti of Nordic Innovation Labs, point out that a single malicious hacker could change the results of an entire U.S. presidential election by exploiting the vulnerabilities of a single Election Systems & Software (ES&S) model 650 tabulator.

The report noted that ES&S knew about the problem and has allowed this flaw for at least a decade.

The model 650 is used in 26 states as a countywide tabulator including 12 Ohio counties according to Verified Voting.

Instead of worrying about Russian and Chinese governments interfering in U.S. elections, why don’t we go after and start arresting the real criminals – private, partisan, for-profit voting machines corporations that design machines to be easily hacked?

You say Paretti, I say Pizzuti – let’s call the whole thing off!

It’s inconceivable that Columbus School Board could get any worse. When they’re not busy enriching the rich, they’re busy hiring a new school chief who refuses to take the job until the end of the school year.

Then School Board member Dominic Paretti drinks ‘til he blacks out and sends out graphic and lewd sext messages. Makes sense that Paretti ran for School Board to get the hookup, and here I’m talking about the political hookup in the fine tradition of Andy Ginther. Our illustrious mayor got his start on the School Board as a step up to City Council. Paretti was eyeing the same route but was just derailed by drunken reprehensible behavior.

When the Democratic Party uses the Columbus Board of Education as a testing ground for unproven party hacks, it should be no surprise you get the likes of Paretti.

But Paretti’s just a distraction. The real crime is the looting of the school district through “tax expenditures” (tax breaks). Instead of seeking innovation to teach urban schoolchildren, the School Board decided their job is to give tax breaks to multimillionaires like Ron Pizzuti. He got $15 million of Columbus schoolchildren’s money for promising to bring a few jobs to the city, yet to materialize. 

In the old days, the School Board never gave away money to developers. But those were the days when the late great Bill Moss stood as a watchdog over the funds. In the Paretti–Gary Baker era School Board members see their primary function to do favors for the wealthiest in central Ohio in exchange for campaign funds so they can plan their next elected position.



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