Smiling black man standing in a suit on a stage holding up a huge pair of women's undies that are white with two red harts on them

How to put it politely? Naughty-naughty-naughty 85-year-old blues bandleader and singer Bobby Rush and his two equally naughty female dancers emphasized nothing but their chakras related to sexual intercourse at his Woodlands Tavern show the last Monday in November.

Call them your crotch chakra and booty chakra, or how to bump-and-grind your spine to better alignment, it was the most entertaining blues show I have ever seen. Eighty-five years young and so old-school I think Moses and he wore short pants together in kindergarten, Rush was the funniest, rockin'est, dirtiest good time I can ever remember having to a quality blues/funk band. And brother, I have seen a lot of them.

With his super-tight five-pieces and two super-funky, super-sexy, super-fly lady dancers, Rush started off with a straight blues ballad and then went off like a X-rated Roman candle into blue-blue-blue-light special land of naughty and super-naughty jokes and lyrics while his rock-hard funk-and-blue grooves flowing like good bourbon.

G-String and Tooth Brush, Night Fishing, I'm In Love With A Big Fat Woman – these things may sound raunchy but honestly, there was something fantastically wholesome about the delivery, risque as it was. Sing about it, talk about it, laugh about it, you never heard the F-bomb word once. That takes talent and believe it or not, no small amount of class after a fashion.

One of the greatest blues shows I've ever seen – the band was killer, Bobby is second only to Chuck Berry in terms of mischievous charisma, the crowd was great, Woodlands is a fine club show and it lasted two freakin' hours. Eric Clapton, where the hell were you?

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