Shattered glass door and policemen

Around 12:15am on Sunday, March 22, a burglar decided to break into a much loved downtown Columbus restaurant, Indian Oven, 427 E. Main Street, Columbus, OH 43215.

The burglar drove to the restaurant and broke the glass door at the side of the restaurant, and proceeded to loot the store of its contents. The suspect took a cash register, bottles of liquor, and numerous additional items while the store was unoccupied. Below, you will see images of the break-in, including the face of the suspect himself. Police arrived at the location quickly and are searching for the suspect.

Other restaurant owners in the area should be aware. Those of us at Indian Oven realize that at this time of crisis, many criminally-minded individuals have taken note of the fact that there are far less people around to witness their crimes and are taking advantage of the opportunity. Yellow Brick Pizza nearby in Old Towne East had its door broken recently too.

We would advise other restaurant owners, bars, salons, retail stores, etc. and even the public at large, to take care that they secure their hard-earned resources and possessions, so they can at least prevent or avoid the same types of crimes as we have already experienced.

All of us are in this together and Team Indian Oven intends to keep the Oven hot for as long as we can.

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