Concert photo

Denzel Curry’s album Melt My Eyes See Your Future spent a year with me impressed with an album which sounded meticulous and received responses which are certain. A Florida’s rapper’s album will have legs.

People can find music everywhere.

It isn’t often someone creates something which will last past a month in the public’s eye especially when seven years of news makes it where rappers can’t compete with our crazy political environment.

I suppose that’s that why rappers tour instead of sitting around and looking at the internet while smoking weed.

While I don’t smoke weed, I dropped my bus pass somewhere and was annoyed. I lost 62 bucks. Instead of paying 62 dollars for travel before 10pm, this month’s cost was $124.

I decided I would find COTA’s iPhone app, and place $62 dollars there.

I don’t know the economics of the iPhone scanning vs. an unlimited pass.

I will find out and let you know the results if Project Pat plays at COSI.

After scanning my bus pass, I rode the 2 until I jumped off at High Street downtown, and walked west towards Kemba Live.

I wondered about Denzel Curry’s popularity.

Denzel isn’t played from any radio station besides

I walked in wondering if Denzel Curry’s playing the largest indoor venue besides Nationwide, and the Schottenstein Arena was practical.

I arrived at the venue, and pulled everything out of my pockets.

There weren’t a bunch of guards with metal detectors like recent rap shows.

Our apocalypse had run its course or creating an image of a bohemian beatnik decreases the need for security.

Once I gained entry, I found an impressive audience.

There were many Denzel Curry fans.

I knew Denzel’s label Lorna Vista’s roster includes Action Bronson, Killer Mike, and Common, but I didn’t know the extent of their reach.

The entire floor and balcony were packed.

Denzel played “Walkin” toward the beginning of his set, and the room erupted with Denzel’s lyrics.

A few songs later Denzel played “Mental” which features spoked word poet Saul Williams.

Saul Williams wasn’t there which didn’t impede an audience of a 2000 plus singing along with a chorus, implying a positive mind state will affect your reality.

A few songs later, Denzel referenced De La Soul and followed it up with west coast polysyllabic rap which would impress a Latryx fan.

Denzel’s delivery is pretty straight forward on record with an almost late 90s Groove Attack album-cut understatement.

I was surprised at Denzel’s charisma and rapping skills.

Denzel Curry showed people would party with the cerebral then the Florida Rapper opened a mosh pit up.

I watched an enthusiastic audience respond with the feeling that if you don’t create divides then an audience will party with a rapper who works with both Saul Williams, and T- Pain.

A genuine understanding of black music doesn’t work against a rapper who is proficient.

 I think Denzel’s effectiveness resides is his familiarity with his craft and sonic palate.

Denzel elicited an enthusiastic response from the stacked room.

People’s hands were in the air while Denzel rapped over music provided by a deejay who sometimes yelled adlibs, and backing vocals.

Denzel would build the crowd into a frenzy, and then take interludes where spaceships or other dynamic images would appear on a screen above him which created an important feeling.

I sang along with a song I forgot Denzel wrote: “Bumping Wake Flocka Flame in an underwater tank.”

I first heard this song in skate video and associate this with sex with a woman.

Denzel possessed Saul Williams/Quantum/De La presentation, and some music trill music which sounded like he could have sex with a woman from Broward County who wanted to annoy her grandparents.

I forgot Denzel’s role in Spaceghost Purpp’s Raider Clan.

While looking at a group of dreads with Gold Teeth smile in the middle of a non-violent mosh-pit, I concluded Denzel’s world of conscious rap which wasn’t afraid of southern rap resembled everything I knew before someone decided Donald Trump should be president.

Denzel knew Kemba Live wanted entertainment and led them with a performance of emcee.

Denzel played this game where he would lay down on the stage, and the entire crowd would lay down while Denzel rapped.

Denzel would jump back up, and Denzel audience who was partying with “Mental” would respond onto their feet with a frenzy.

These were fans having fun.

Denzel friends joined him on stage, and people were partying celebrating Curry’s “XWing.”

The night ended after Denzel’s used a flashing blank screen, and a satisfied audience with a call and response with vocal noises which left Columbus satiated.